When an internal call center is better than outsourcing

Starting a call center for your business can be a great option to improve your customer service, increase your sales and improve your image. You can either consider starting an internal call center, or using an external service. Although hiring an external service for your call center is an option that can be implemented, we invite you to consider the following advantages of having an internal call center, which you can easily start with a virtual phone solution system such as Toky:

  • Customer service with your style and conditions: When you start a call center with your own team, you can establish your own language and define the conditions for your agents to communicate with your customers in an appropriate way. Being a direct part of your company, the call center can better absorb and transmit your organizational culture, serving customers in a more consistent way.
  • More specialized call center agents: Your agents may have a high level of knowledge of your products or services which will allow them to serve your customers more efficiently, and in addition, they can always have access to up-to-date and timely information.
  • Team of agents with a sense of belonging: Unlike an outsourcing call center where agents are resources at the service of many companies where no type of bond with the client is generated, an internal call center may have a higher level of belonging with your business, which improves the attitude of your agents and can help reduce staff turnover, which directly affects the efficiency of your customer service.
  • Call center team integrated with your business teams: The constant connection of your call center team with the other areas of your business increases the synergy and efficiency of your customer service, being that in the face of any difficult question from a customer, they can request support easily. You can use different features of the call center software such as transferring calls or making internal calls quickly so that your agents collaborate with other work teams.
  • Reduce security risks and information leaks: By having a direct working relationship with agents, you can have direct control over shared information and privacy. This also allows you to share important data that you could not give to an external company and that can be key to guarantee a good service.
  • Better communication with your clients: Having an internal team allows you to maintain a constant evaluation of the relationship with your clients and take appropriate measures to avoid conflicts; you should not expect weekly or even monthly reports; you can simply connect to your virtual telephone system and keep track of the indicators that interest you.

    You can use Toky's call monitoring to listen to live calls from your agents to evaluate the quality of service or also use the whisper option to talk to your agent and guide them without the customer listening to you. Learn more

  • Call center with controlled costs: An adequate monitoring of your call center will help you detect opportunities for improvement, define when and how much you should increase your capacity in a special season, and even work shifts according to the needs of your clients. Additionally, a cloud phone system such as Toky, has affordable prices and a cost model that adapts to the needs of your business.

  • Flexibility and adaptability: Being an internal call center, you can organize your work team according to the strategies and needs of your business at the time you require it, without having to go through long explanations and training, since your agents know your business. It is also important to note that in case you have to attend to a crisis, it is much easier to react with a trusted team that knows your business and has a closer relationship with it.

Toky can improve communication with your customers, with integrations and other functionalities that can help you improve your support and sales processes. Try Toky for free!

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