Why a call center can do more for your business than a mobile phone number

When you decide to launch a business you must provide your customers, multiple ways to contact you; so it surely you get an email, maybe create profiles on Facebook and other social networks and as a phone contact you share a mobile number. Maybe your mobile phone may seem the easiest way to serve customers by phone, but the truth is that it is not the most appropriate. Contrary to what you may think, having a call center is not just for big business and it doesn't cost as much as you believe; at Toky, we have seen how thanks to the technology, small businesses, and startups obtain great benefits having a suitable phone contact from the beginning.

98% of customers want phone numbers on companies websites. Source

And what's wrong with using a mobile phone number for my business?

Smartphone answer Really, you don't have big problems at first because it is a line that you can always answer and you can easily have a phone number dedicated to your business; But as you grow your business you begin to face some important problems. At this moment you need a call center that allows multiple customers to be served easily, by your team members. Unlike a call center, using a mobile phone has the following disadvantages:

  1. You can serve a single customer at a time: If you are on a phone call and another customer calls you, you will face a great dilemma since there is no way to serve them both.
  2. A mobile number does not give the best impression: Mobile phone numbers are usually associated with something personal not business related so there will be some customers who could not feel at ease when contacting a business in a mobile phone number.
  3. Customer pays for the call: Every time a customer calls your business, that call will cost him minutes of his voice plan and this can be a barrier for some of them before calling. Your customers will always wish to call you for free.
  4. Limited and unfriendly access to voicemail: If a customer leaves a message in your voicemail, besides going through the tedious tone menu to listen to it, if you need to save it, you must use some technological tricks, unless you are lucky enough to have and operator which offers some service to help you export voicemails.
  5. Limited team collaboration: Only one person can answer a mobile phone and if another customer calls you, you have no way to forward that call to a partner so he can take care; You usually end up losing customers calls and opportunities.

So, how to set up a call center for your business and how expensive could it be?

Cloud telephony Thanks to the evolution of the Internet, getting a call center for your business, is far from the purchase of expensive and complex telephony devices. Now with the use of VoIP technology, you can access cloud telephony services paying less of what you may think, you can pay only for what you use and the telephony service can grow with your business. These services offer you features like:

  • You do not need to buy or configure devices: The calls are made over the internet so you can make and receive calls from your computer, landline or your mobile phone using the data network or your voice plan.
  • Virtual phone numbers: These numbers serve as a regular landline, but as they are connected to your cloud telephony, you can even have numbers in different countries and answer them with the same team of agents. You can be local in any country in the world, no matter where your business operates.
  • Click to Call o Live Calls: You can offer a button on your website from which visitors can make free calls over the internet to your business.
  • Simultaneous calls: Unlike a mobile phone number, with a telephone service with VoIP, you can simultaneously answer calls from multiple clients, with the help of your team members.
  • Welcome and voicemail greetings: Your customers will never be received by busy tones or continuous rings, but by a message that welcomes them and confirms that they are calling to your business and that they will be attended soon. This reduces missed calls and improves the image of your business.
  • Improves collaboration: You can call your teammates or transfer calls to serve your customers better.
  • Improved voicemail: Unlike your mobile phone where you can only listen to messages using an annoying tone menu, the voicemail recordings are in a service on Internet, so you can listen to them and save them from your favorite browser and even using mobile apps.
  • Integrations with business applications: You can integrate your telephony service with CRM systems, collaboration platforms and much more.

There are many more benefits of using these services, we invite you to learn more trying Toky for Business for free. We have excellent features to improve communication between your customers and your business.

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