Why content curation can help your marketing strategy (Tools included)

Over 1000 million, is the estimated number of websites on the world wide web. In fact this number is conservative with many publishing millions of content items each day around the world. So how do we find the good content in amongst the mass of choice? The answer is simply, we either search or rely on a recommendation.

There is a common misconception that many businesses make when using social media to talk about their products and services. Posting content that only highlights your business is good but today's audience is looking for more than the usual "we are a super cool company".
Engaging and sharing content that can demonstrate value for the target audience is becoming extremely beneficial.

Content curation is basically selecting from that sea of information the content you consider most relevant to your target audience and share with them using your preferred communication channels.

Benefits of content curation

Some people may think that sharing content from other sources does not bring benefits to their business but the truth is that in doing so, you can accomplish several things like::

  • Growth and retention of your fans and followers in social networks: Sharing several types of content, writing styles and themes will engage people into your channels and even invite others.
  • Brand loyalty in your market segment: It is not a matter of sharing everything; you must choose content that is relevant to the market segment of your business or startup, so you can attract people who could be turned into customers. By sharing good content both yours and others, you will earn creditability amongst existing and potential customers in these topics.

  • Get inspiration for your own content: Sometimes when you read and select good content from others you can generate ideas for your own posts.

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¿How do we find and select content to share at Toky?

At Toky, we have a telephony solution which includes features like, click to call service, virtual phone numbers and free Internet calls for your customers; our platform is used by our customers for marketing and customer support processes. With this in mind, we pick content related to customer service, support, SEO, social media and digital marketing.

Before sharing content, you must define first the relevant subjects for your market segment and stick to them.

To facilitate the selection of content, we use some tools that help us streamline the process of content curation.

  • Google News: This is a very basic and simple tool, go to Google News and enter the keywords of the topics you want to share and then just pick from the results.
  • Google Alerts With this tool you can enter several keywords. New headlines and links that match will be sent to your email.
  • Quuu This tool allows you to find hand selected content arranged in several categories that will be published to a Buffer account. The free plan is limited to 2 posts per day and for a maximum of 5 categories.
  • Content Gems This platform has a lot of selected content that can be grouped by interests which are basically several keywords used to filter the desired interest. The free plan is limited to one interest and you can even subscribe to the newsletter for selected content.
  • BuzzSumo This great tool can be used to search content which can be sorted by the number of times it was shared on several social networks. You just have to enter the desired keywords and a limited list of results is displayed in the free plan.

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After curating content, how to share it easily?

You can start by sharing content manually every day but sometimes it is not so easy. Here at Toky, we use Buffer because it allows us to program the amount of posts per day, setting a schedule and even measure the impact of each post. When the content curation is completed the selected content is added to Buffer.

And what about your own content?

This should be shared; we even share articles published on our own blog from previous weeks because we have a flow of content from other sources which is not seen as irritating for our followers to receive these posts.We have noticed that this even generates new visits to the blog and to our website as well. as well.

An extra tip

If you like, you can use services like Sniply or Start a Fire that allow embedding a Call to Action in the links you share. This Call To Action can include a banner or a message related to your product or service. Both tools have a free plan that you can use to run some experiments.

We invite you to learn more about Toky at www.toky.co. Allow your customers to call you for free and also get your virtual phone number in more than 60 countries.

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