Why CRM and Phone system must be integrated

The sales and support process must be part of a business strategy and respond to the needs of customers and the company. CRMs are tools used to organize your leads and clients, seeking to have in a structured, centralized and easy-to-consult way, all the interactions between clients and leads with your business; calls, messages, emails, purchases and even purchase attempts are recorded by each of your agents. Event registration should be done in a timely and proper manner to avoid important information that will help your team close sales.

Virtual telephony is a personalized means of communication and highly valued by your clients since, unlike chat, they know that while they are on a call, that agent is exclusively attending to them. Generally, your agents must manually record the calls in your CRM, after hanging up with the customer; This record depends a lot on the organization that your agent has and the guidelines that you have given them for the documentation of the calls.

What your team can do with CRM and your phone system integrations

When you integrate the business phone system with your CRM you can execute certain tasks in a more agile way and optimize your agents' processes by using both software as a single tool. Among the tasks you can perform are:

  • Automatic event registration: Each incoming or outgoing call can be automatically registered in your CRM, preventing the information from being incomplete due to forgetfulness by the agent. This speeds up the time between calls and helps your agents focus on serving your customer or prospect.
  • Record of notes from your call: In call center software such as Toky, you can record notes and tagas of calls either while they are in progress or at the end and these notes are associated with the contact related to the telephone number in your CRM.
  • Calls without leaving your CRM: From the interface of your CRM you can make calls with one click, which makes it easy to carry out sales campaigns from your CRM reports.
  • Sending SMS messages: Like calls, your agents will also be able to send text messages to your clients without leaving the CRM. With Toky you can also carry out mass SMS campaigns to send notifications, and inform your clients of offers, payment dates and more. The messages will be registered in your CRM associating them to the contact to which the phone number belongs.

There are many ways in which connecting your CRM with your telephony can help optimize your processes. Try integrating your CRM with your virtual phone system and discover how your agents will be more productive using both tools in a consolidated way.

Toky has integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot CRM, Pipedrive, Infusionsoft, FreshSales, amoCRM, Zoho CRM, Kustomer, Intercom and other business applications, as well as useful and powerful call center functionalities. Try Toky for free!

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