Why having a click to call button on your website can increase your sales

Imagine that you enter a store and start to walk looking for a product; suddenly, something catches your eye and what do you do? You look for a seller to help you with what you need. Something similar happens on your website; a visitor comes to your site through search engines, social networks or even by recommendation of one of your clients; but how will you allow your visitors direct contact with your business when required?

A contact form or mail is not the same as the store seller; you do not write your doubts in a paper and leave it in a question box waiting for someone at some point to send you an answer; you need an immediate response and on many occasions this is what makes you decide to buy or just go to the competitor's store.

A live chat is an option, but 65% of people prefer voice calls over other means of contact; since they are something effective, personal and immediate. All your customers know that who is talking to them, is only with them and not with other visitors at the same time; unlike customer service by chat, calls are mandatory one-to-one. Thanks to the advancement of cloud telephony with VoIP, your customers can make free calls using the internet and directly from your website. I'm not talking about those services where you have to leave a phone number to get called; while these options may seem immediate, some people avoid leaving telephone numbers out of fear of telephone SPAM or even ignore calls later. A real click to call service is immediate and direct, and is able to establish a connection between your client and your call center with a single click.

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How do a click-to-call button help marketing, sales, and customer support processes?

Offering a click to call option is allowing your visitors to access an immediate and personalized attention. This is vital to improve the customer's experience and helps both the loyalty of the current ones and the acquisition of new.

In addition to improving your customer service, live calls will help you generate more sales since it has been proven that calls have a conversion rate between 30% and 50%; who decides to call your business is a prospect of very high quality; the call determines a good purchase intention that combined with an excellent service and an appropriate sales process will help you to sell more. On the other hand, if you consider that currently more than half of the world's population accesses the internet from their smartphone, much of the visits to your site will be from mobile devices; and even if you think is mobile friendly, it has been found that around 54% of your visitors will not expect to find all the information they need in order to decide to buy and in many they can make use of the click to call option to communicate immediately to obtain what they need instead of navigating the site from their devices or starting a chat.

Statistic: Mobile phone internet user penetration worldwide from 2014 to 2019 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Alternatives to improve click to call conversión

Cloud or virtual telephony platforms, on which Click to call services are available, can have additional options that enhance user experience, and they also provide more business services. It is possible, for example, that you ask the customer for basic data like email and name, before calling, so that you can properly add him to your CRM and being able to perform follow-up tasks, in this way you can turn an anonymous visitor into a lead. In addition to this, beyond click to call button, cloud telephony platforms offer options for making live calls from other means such as a link that you can use on social networks or in the signature of your emails.

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