Why your business needs a call center, even if it's small

In these times of high competition, it's customer service that, many times, influences the purchase decision of your buyers. While a good product and service is important, the way your business can be contacted by your customers and the way you serve them makes a difference.

It's common for many businesses to consider that they are not big enough to have a call center, but the truth is that you do not need to have armies of agents answering calls to have a good service level, you can start with one or two agents and grow as you see results.

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Having a team dedicated to serving your customers, offers great advantages over the traditional approach of having a person who receives and redirects calls depending on what is needed. This is enhanced much more with a communication platform like Toky. Some of the advantages of having a call center in your business are:

  • Improving customer service quality, since whoever answers the calls is able to answer questions, guide your customers and give important information without transferring to another person.
  • Free up other members of your team from the attention of recurring questions at inopportune moments, leaving their capacity available to focus on their work or on the attention of specific problems that the call center may report.
  • A point from which to measure the number of calls from customers, and if your agents use notes and tags to classify your calls, you can get statistics that will help you make decisions.
  • Improving the knowledge management of your company, as in order for your call center team to handle as many situations as possible, it is necessary to provide the appropriate documentation on your product or service.
  • Centralize attention to any massive problem. For example, in the case of services, when an incident occurs that affects several of your clients, calls arrive at a single point where they can be attended and they won’t arrive at the other departments.
  • Improve the corporate image of your company. A call center is a resource used by businesses focused on their customers, and that gives them the necessary importance to dedicate a team to meet their needs.
  • When you use cloud telephony platforms such as Toky, your call center can be integrated with your CRM and other business applications, centralizing information and allowing your marketing team to work with all the information available on the calls with your customers; your team can even access call recordings to clarify any situation.
  • A call center team can support your company in executing marketing campaigns through phone calls or SMS.
  • If you use cloud phone systems you can increase or decrease the agents quantity in your call center as needed, making it easier to get a bigger service capacity in special seasons when your business may have a greater demand.

In conclusion, having a team dedicated to customer service and supported by cloud telephony technologies such as Toky will bring enormous benefits to your business, improving its image, centralizing customer service and improving your processes.

With Toky you can take your call center where you need it with our apps for mobile devices, make and receive calls, send SMS, answer WhatsApp Business and much more. Try Toky for free!

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