Why your restaurant phone system must be in the cloud

No matter if you have a big or small restaurant, the phone will play a significant role in your sales and customer service processes. Phone calls are the best channel for communicating with customers, and many restaurants rely on them for fundamental scenarios such as table reservation, and the call centers for large fast food chains dedicated to receiving orders for home delivery services.

There are many kinds of restaurant software, among which we can mention:

  • POS systems that record product sales on site, or for taking orders from the internet or phone calls.
  • Restaurant reservation systems, which allow the registration, control, and tracking of the table reservations. These solutions can be installed on-premise for the direct use of your staff or you can use services such as Opentable that allow customers to make reservations online.
  • Restaurant ordering system, which allows displaying your restaurant's menu attractively and interactively, so your customers can place their orders directly on a website or mobile app. Some solutions like GloriaFood can offer you an ordering and reservation solution that you can start using for free and can help improve your sales.
  • CRM software, in which you can manage your customers and their history of visits and purchases; this will help you create marketing campaigns and loyalty programs and can be easily integrated with other business apps.

How a virtual phone system integrates with your restaurant

Virtual phone systems work based on VoIP technology, and it only requires a good internet connection so you can make and receive calls as with a traditional landline. Among the benefits you can get by using this technology as your restaurant phone system are:

  • You can easily buy virtual phone numbers that you can assign to each of your locations or create a single centralized phone line that allows the customers to select which one they want to contact.
  • Answering simultaneous calls from one phone number will help you to optimize your call center processes and improve the customer experience as every customer will have to remember just one phone number for your restaurant.
  • IVR or phone trees that helps customers to communicate efficiently with the establishment they need or with the agents of specific departments, like home deliveries, reservations, complaints, and more.
  • Sending SMS messages will allow you to notify customers about their reservations, or sending targeted promotions.
  • You can make and receive calls using any mobile device or computer, also using an app, you can serve customers efficiently while you use your CRM, reservation system, or POS software.
  • Call recordings will help you to confirm data from an order or reservation, and they are a valuable resource if you want to make quality control of your call center service.
  • CRM integrations will speed up your customer service by allowing you to call customers without leaving your CRM and automatically registering data about calls, text messages, voicemails, call recordings, and other events.
  • You can add a click to call widget to your website, which will allow your customers to start voice calls from your site to place orders or making reservations while they look at the menu of your products and services.
  • Real-time call reports that will help you determine which days and hours are the ones that receive the most calls or orders, which customers call you the most, and in general create service indicators for your call center, allowing you to monitor them.

You get all these benefits for a monthly payment that is much lower than the costs of acquisition and maintenance of traditional phones and landlines.

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