Widgets to get more new customers from your website

Your business website is very important, as it allows your customers and leads to find you easily. You spend time on SEO and design to get a lot of traffic and make your site friendly, but it's useless if your site doesn't generate customers. When a visitor comes to your website, you must provide different contact alternatives to allow for questions in their purchase process, since it is increasingly critical to offer a personalized and high quality customer service.

There are widgets that you can easily add to your website to facilitate contact with your customers, and increase sales assisted by your call center agents.

Toky live call widget

You can add the Toky call widget on your website, so that your clients can contact your call center with just a few clicks, and without installing any software or add-ons. Your clients will be able to contact you from anywhere, free of charge and without having to use a phone number.

Toky live call click to call button

You can install the Toky call widget in different ways:

Integrating WhatsApp to your website

WhatsApp Business is an excellent resource to achieve personal and immediate contact with customers. Smartphones are already very common, WhatsApp has a very large customer base, and in addition to this, visits to your site from mobile phones will increase more and more.

You can integrate WhatsApp Business with your website easily with these simple widgets.

With Toky you can take advantage of WhatsApp Business, allowing your agents to attend to your conversations collaboratively both from the Toky web application and from their mobile devices with Toky chats. Learn more.

Click to Chat for WhatsApp

Like the Toky click to call button, you can do something similar with WhatsApp by adding a button that, when clicked, opens WhatsApp Web on desktop computers or the WhatsApp app on mobile devices.

Click to chat WhatsApp Business

Learn how to add this click-to-chat widget to your website in this tutorial.

Send invitation for WhatsApp by SMS

This is another way in which to communicate with your customers. They enter their mobile number and the system will send them an SMS message with a link that, when clicked, will start a conversation with your business directly from their device.

WhatsApp chat SMS invitation

This method can be very effective in getting your clients to start a conversation with your team of agents.

WhatsApp SMS invitation

In addition to a WhatsApp account, to enable this widget you require a phone number with SMS support. Follow the steps in this tutorial.

Integrate these widgets with Toky's virtual telephony to improve the quality of your customer service, receive calls from your website or phone numbers, and attend WhatsApp conversations in an efficient and collaborative way. Try Toky for free!

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