Turn your desktop computer into a business phone with our calling app

Toky's desktop app, can work on Windows and Mac and will help you make turn your computer into a phone for receiving and making phone calls online, text messaging and much more without having your browser open. You could use our virtual phone system easily and make international calls with a single click and to great prices per minute.

How to install the Toky calling app for Mac or Windows?

To start making and receiving calls from your desktop Windows, you must download the installer and execute it.
Download phone calling app for Windows Download phone calling app for Mac

If you need help you can contact our customer service team.

What can you do with the Toky app?

With the Toky app you can make use of all the features of our virtual phone system.

Make international phone calls

You can call any landline or mobile phone number in many countries at an excellent price per minute.
Toky make phone calls online

Check your call history

Review inbound or outbound calls that have recently made any of your agents and call back if necessary.
Toky call history log

Use Toky as a text messaging app on your desktop

If you have a virtual phone number, enabled for SMS you can use the app to send text messages.
Toky text messaging app

Make free calls to other agents

With our voice calling app you can make free calls to your team with a click, just searching for available agents and with a click to call.
Toky free calls to agents

Improve your customers service in your call center with our virtual phone systema.¡Try Toky free!

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