Working as a team to improve your customer service is easier with Toky

In Toky we aim to provide a good and effective marketing and customer support experience for you and your customers. Our service offers customers the opportunity to call your company for free directly through your website with a click-to-call button or using the Facebook app or fixed number. On the other hand, your company's benefit, besides from being able to receive calls from our website, chrome extension or app in Android is a structure of agents that lets you get the most out of Toky by efficiently using your team to take calls.

What's an agent?

An agent in Toky is any user registered in our platform that can answer a call or may log in to perform administrative tasks. For the Basic Plan there is only one agent but in the Business Plan you can add as many agents as you need. It is also important to note that a number of active agents, is equal to the number of simultaneous calls that your business could receive at a given moment.
Each agent can have its own contact link and setup call forwarding to his mobile or landline.

What can multiple agents do?

  • Answer simultaneous calls Each active agent is an available phone line for receiving calls.
  • Transfer calls to team members Team members can transfer calls among each active agent. If a team member does not have the answers to a specific customer question, he or she can transfer the call directly to another active agent that specializes in that field. This way you avoid giving bad answers or saying I'll call you back as soon as I check it.
  • Call your teammates Do you need to talk about something with a fellow member of your team? Give him a call with Toky.
  • Create agent's groups These can be linked to menu options. This will allow you a better structure for your team and enable your customers to talk directly to sales, claims, customer service, etc.

Toky opciones de menú

  • Assign Toky phone numbers to selected group of agents This will allow you to have different phone numbers to address certain issues; you could have a number for general calls, customer support or even get customers in each country to call a suitable team of agents that speaks their language.

In conclusion, if you have a team we invite you to try Toky Business plan and see how our agents' structure will allow you to improve your company's customer service and take advantage as a team of all the features that Toky has to offer.

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