You can now use your iPhone to answer customer's calls made with Toky

One of the main goals of Toky is to make easy the communication between businesses and its customers. In this way, we designed a platform that allows your customers to make free calls to your business, enabling business agents to answer them from a computer or mobile device. In Android, you can use our app, but for iPhone, we have enabled tools that allow you to use Toky and receive calls without any problems.

You can find more information on the configuration of these new integrations, in your Toky Dashboard and click on the Integrations option on the side menu; then you will see the Apple logo and there you will see more details.

If you have already logged into Toky in your browser you can go directly to the option, clicking here

Now, we'll explain the options you have to receive calls from your clients on iPhone.

Bria Iphone Edition

Bria sip phone iphone

Bria is an app that offers several VoIP services and that you can download from the App Store. You can use Bria to answer Toky phone calls going to Settings then Account, click on the plus sign (+) and then on VoIP (SIP) - Calling. You should write the parameters that can be found in the configuration section from in your Toky account.

Bria for iPhone VoIP and Toky

With these two options, you can receive the free calls made by your customers not just on Android with our app, with our Google Chrome extension or from our website but you can also use your iPhone. We hope these alternatives, we want to improve flexibility to startups and businesses so they can offer the best customer service.

Receive calls from your clients in different ways and allow your customers to call you online for free or at your own virtual phone number. Visit

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