Specialized Zapier tools to improve your integrations with Toky

Zapier is an excellent tool to integrate applications without having to depend on a programmer; Besides, good integration can save you a lot of time and boost your productivity.

Toky has an integration with Zapier that will allow you to use information from your calls in other applications, to send SMS to your customers and contacts using your account or receive notifications from your favorite apps.

Some Zapier apps can be useful to improve not only the data quality of your processes but integrate Toky properly with many more applications. I will mention some that we use a lot in our zaps:


Filter by Zapier

This app will allow you to stop the execution of the zap if the existing data doesn't meet certain conditions. For example, if we used the New Call event from Toky and you would like to process only inbound call information and send it to any of your applications, you could use this filter:

Filter inbound calls

You can apply filters to data of types like text, number or dates and you can handle logical operations of AND and OR if you have several conditions.

This filter will allow you to select what information should follow the process and avoid running zaps when data is missing. You can use it to prevent registering contacts in Toky, utilizing the action Create Contact without required fields like email or phone number or to try sending SMS text messages using the action Send Text Message, when there is not a phone number.

Besides to Zapier, Toky has native integrations with important CRMs and business applications. Learn more!


Formatter by Zapier

This app will allow you to convert data and generate new fields that you can use in later steps. You can make transformations in the following categories, each with different functions:

  • Numbers
  • Utilities
  • Date / Time
  • Text

For example, if you want to save all the contacts names that are sent to Toky capitalized, you can use the function Capitalize from the Text functions:

Formatter Capitalize

You can use this app to clean the phone numbers from special characters so you can use them in a valid format for Toky. For this, you can use the Replace function from the Text category and apply the same transformation for the other characters that you want to delete.

To remove a character, leave the Replace field blank.

Formatter Capitalize


Code by Zapier

This app is perhaps one of the most powerful tools you will have because if you have programming knowledge, you can transform the data you need and generate new fields with the information you require. This app allows adding code in Javascript or Python and takes input information from the fields of previous steps and produces one or more results.

For this case, we are going to take a complex situation where we want to convert a phone number with dashes, parentheses, and spaces, to the e164 format, which is the standard for international phone numbers and with which Toky works. This process can be beneficial when you want to load the contacts from your applications into the Toky directory.

For this case, we will use the Javascript language.

Clean phone number e164 international format

In the field Input Data we put the variable name which we will use in the script and assign the field from which we will take the data. For our example, the variable name is phoneNumber and the related field will be the Contact phone number from an integration with ActiveCampaign.

It is important to understand the following concepts in the Code field:

  • inputData.phoneNumber: It is the way we get the data that we defined as a parameter.
  • output: It is the output variable and must be the values that we return in JSON format.

In the Code field, we will put the code snippet that we share below.

var e164Number="";  
e164Number = "+" + inputData.phoneNumber.split("-").join("")  
              .split(" ").join("");

output = [{formattedNumber: e164Number}];  

Now, in the following action, which in this case is the Create contact in the Toky app, we can use the field Formatted Number from the Code component:

Clean phone number e164 international format

Are you ready to try it? Visit the Toky in Zapier to get more integration templates. If you do not have a Toky account, you can create one and try Toky free for 14 days

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