10 use cases for your virtual phone numbers

A cloud phone system allows you to easily buy virtual phone numbers in many countries. These numbers, besides working as a traditional phone number, allow you to have call center features and you can integrate them into your CRM and business applications; here are some other uses you can give them:

  1. Receive business calls without compromising your privacy: You can have an exclusive phone number for your customers and when they call you, receive calls directly on your landline or mobile phone using call forwarding, or if you wish, you can download the mobile or desktop apps to make and receive calls using a virtual telephony platform.
  2. Receive local calls from different countries in a single call center: You can buy phone numbers in the countries and cities you want your business to have a local presence on. Your customers can call you with local rates and you can receive calls from all locations wherever you are.
  3. Change phone numbers to prevent your recipients from identifying you: Some businesses focused on outbound calls, such as debt collection or telemarketing companies, can buy a range of virtual numbers and use a different one for every outbound call when you suspect your recipients are not answering because the have identified your number.
  4. Measure the effect of your online and offline marketing campaigns: You can assign different phone numbers for marketing campaigns. To evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign, you can review the received call reports in your virtual phone platform.
  5. Assign a corporate phone number to your employees: You can assign unique phone numbers to each of your employees, and link them to their personal phone numbers with call forwarding; or ask them to use your virtual phone platform’s mobile or desktop apps. For sales or consulting teams, this allows you to keep track of the customers that contact each agent, measure their performance and even use call recordings to manage sales or support processes.
  6. Make local calls to any country: Your virtual telephony platform allows you to select the phone number from which you are going to call a customer, and if you use a local number in your country or city, you can increase the likelihood of response.
  7. Enable a call center with remote agents: By linking each virtual number to a cloud platform, you can connect agents in different countries to it, and even take advantage of the time difference to offer work shifts in extended periods, or 24 hours a day; all with the same phone number.
  8. Send and receive text messages: Virtual phone numbers in some countries allow you to send and receive text messages, you can enable this effective communication channel for marketing processes, payment management or important notifications. Some may even be capable to use with WhatsApp Business.
  9. Buy and discard phone numbers when needed: In special seasons or specific events, you can enable exclusive numbers you can discard when they are no longer required. This will allows you to dedicate a group of agents for these temporary numbers.
  10. You can connect your traditional business phone number to a virtual phone system: Business phone numbers can be ported to a virtual phone provider and gain the benefits of these cloud platforms without having to execute the cumbersome number change process. These usually involve cuts in communication with your customers, and changes in stationery and commercial documents. The porting process requires some legal procedures established for each country, which can be easily executed with the help of a virtual operator. Some providers may charge you for the number portability process, but in the case of Toky, you can perform the portability of your phone numbers for free, as long as they meet the requirements.

With Toky, get a business phone number in more than 60 countries, and integrate your call center with your CRM software and other business tools. Try Toky for free.

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