5 basic call center metrics you should be checking

The VoIP technology that makes possible the cloud based phone systems, allows you to set up a call center for your business with low cost and without technical knowledge. We are not talking about cheap phone services, but full featured virtual phone systems which you can use at an affordable price. Easily, with a solution like Toky and with one or more agents you can start receiving calls and making calls to your customers anywhere in the world. But you should not just install a telephony solution or call center software and start calling; you must be able to have at least a basic control of the activities of your call center so you can measure their effectiveness and control their costs.

I will share some important metrics that you should be able to validate with your call center software or at least ask your provider in case you have an outsourcing call center service to get control of your goals.

  1. Calls by state: You should be able to check the calls answered, lost, those that left voice mails etc. over a period of time. This metric allows you to measure the activity of your agents and identify problems such as a large number of missed calls which may indicate that your agents are not operating efficiently or that maybe you must increase your team capacity.
  2. Calls by phone number: It is important to have the control of calls received and made by each of the virtual phone numbers in order to understand which numbers have the best performance.
  3. Cost of outbound calls: The cost of the outbound calls is very important, because the price per call is different depending on the destination country and although using a cloud phone system you have a low price per minute in international calls you must be able to validate that the cost is in accordance with the provider's price list and also you must know how much is spent in your call center per day.
  4. Calls per agent: The number of calls made and received by your agents will help you to evaluate and measure the work done by each one. This indicator is good to check your agent's performance, and besides, if you have a CRM integration, you can get the information in a sales context.
  5. Average duration per call: Being able to have the average duration of the inbound and outbound calls will allow you to measure if the calls made over a period of time are very short which generally could be ineffective calls. A high average call duration can also end in missed calls due to the occupation of your agents which will impact the quality of your customer service. The duration and the number of outbound calls are a very important indicator for a telemarketing call center.

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