5 CRM integrations to sell more and increase productivity

Thanks to your customers, is that your company can grow or it can fail since they are the ones who keep your business alive. CRM software is a vital tool for any company, no matter if it is a startup, a small business or a big company and either using a free or paid CRM, it is important to get the most out of it and not just use it as a customers database.

There are a lot of third-party integrations with CRMs and I will recommend 5 which you can use to improve the productivity of your sales team and facilitate new leads acquisition. Some integrations are available natively in several CRM online and others can be integrated using Zapier.

1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an online platform that allows you to manage mailing lists for sending newsletters and some marketing automation. With Mailchimp you can create a list of subscribers to your blog or website and with an integration, you can turn every new subscriber into a lead that enters the sales pipeline of your CRM immediately and start to follow up, send you cold emails and many more things. Some integrations with Mailchimp CRM software are:

2. Online form and survey tools

There are different online tools for creating forms and surveys that you can share by social networs, embed in your website or blog and start hunting leads in different places. Among these tools you can find:

Some of these forms tools do not offer integrations to CRMs in the free plans, so you can opt for a payment plan or integrate them using Zapier.

3. Landing pages

The goal of a landing page is to get leads; many landing pages creators allow you to store emails to download them later, but the agilest way to start the sales process with a lead is to allow each record to go directly to your CRM to have them in your pipeline. Some landing pages tools that have integration with CRM are:

If these tools do not have a native integration with your CRM, remember to look for it in Zapier.

4. Toky

With Toky you can turn your CRM and phone system into one tool. This integration will seamlessly connect Toky with your CRM and will allow you to, among other things, have an automatic call records of inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, and click to call customers inside your CRM. Some of the CRMs integrated with Toky are:

Some of these CRMs have a free plan that you can start using to organize your sales process and integrating Toky make outbound calls at a very affordable price per minute.

If your CRM is not in the list you can check our integration with Zapier

5. Zapier

Zapier more than a CRM integration, is a platform that will allow your CRM software to integrate with more than 750 apps. There are lots of customer management solutions available, so you can search yours and start integrating applications like Google Sheets, Pushbullet, Airtable, Slack, Facebook, mobile apps and much more.

Zapier's free plan has a monthly limitation for the executions of each integration, so you must take into account this according to the applications integrated with your CRM.

These integrations with your CRM will not only help you get more leads but make your sales team more productive. If you use some other integration, you can share it in the comments.

Toky has many other integrations besides CRMs. Learn more about our virtual phone system. Sign up for the free 14-day trial for Toky

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