5 tips to boost your call center efficiency

A business call center is one of the teams in your business that deals with customers and participates directly in the sales and customer service processes; this is why it must work as efficiently as possible. The efficiency of your call center will help you not only to reduce the costs associated with incorrect calls, but to increase the ability to generate sales, retain customers and even become a differentiating factor in your business. We share below 5 tips for improving your call center efficiency and help you get a productive and effective team of agents.

  1. Correctly trained agents: It is vital that all your agents have adequate training, not only in the proper execution of their tasks, but also in the correct use of their virtual phone system, CRMs, knowledge bases and collaboration tools. An agent with fundamental doubts, in addition to providing a poor quality service, will also affect the performance of other members of your team who must support him in solving simple problems. To improve the level of knowledge of your call center team, you can also try to have a stable team and minimize rotations, to capitalize on the experience of the agents you have. Constantly changing agents can impact your efficiency due to the learning curve of each one that will take time to reach their optimal level of performance.
  2. Correctly configure call distribution: It is vital that calls flow correctly and reach the correct agent. Nothing is more inefficient or leaves a worse impression than a customer hopping from agent to agent to have their query addressed. For this, you must rely on an adequate configuration of your IVR or phone menu, an adequate grouping of agents and the choice of the appropriate ring strategies. This process can improve the experience of your clients and make it easier for your agents to attend more cases and even increase the rate of closure of problems by having clients served by the appropriate personnel.
  3. Motivated call center team: It is important that your call center team has the right attitude to serve your customers. Be aware that they are exposed to aggressive clients, difficult questions, and situations that may make them feel uncomfortable and create stress for them. Motivation can be worked on from several fronts that go beyond having posters with positive messages in the workplace; it's important to have a suitable call center leader capable of generating relationships with the team, organizing, and who knows how to resolve conflicts and allow the team to communicate situations freely, seeking more solutions than culprits. It is also important to establish an adequate time for breaks as a fatigued and stressed employee will rarely be efficient and provide adequate customer service.
  4. Define performance indicators to measure and monitor your call center: They say that what is not measured cannot be improved and this applies to your call center. It is important to define the correct indicators to measure the status and performance of your team and to monitor them appropriately. It is important to rely on the reporting options of your call center software to measure, for example, received calls, missed calls, voicemails, canceled calls, etc. These indicators when you review them grouped by hours and days can help you detect moments of high traffic and be able to define if you should make decisions about the capacity of your call center. Many missed calls or voicemail calls during non-working hours may indicate that you should extend your attention shifts, or you can rely on your cloud phone software to set up a virtual call center and hire agents who work from home or even from other countries to take advantage of the time difference and extend your hours without having to pay overtime.
  5. Have the correct technology and use it properly: The appropriate technology is one of the key elements of an efficient call center, from a virtual phone system that has the appropriate features to have a face-to-face or virtual call center, to a CRM that helps you to properly organize your clients and a knowledge base that makes it easier for your agents to find solutions to common problems, tutorials or even scripts to make calls efficiently.

These are just some tips that you can easily apply and improve the productivity of your call center and thus support you in this important work team to achieve your sales and customer satisfaction goals.

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