5 tools remote teams should start using to boost productivity

Having a remote team has great benefits but also great challenges. Remote workers have proven to be more efficient, handle the stress better and are more loyal to companies, and this is mainly because the flexible hours or flexitime and the possibility of working from home; but also, there is a challenge in terms of collaboration and coordination and managing a team remote team with different time zones, languages and even in time availability.

Fortunately, technology has made it possible to overcome many obstacles and help remote workers operate more effectively, increasing their productivity focused on companies goals, even in different countries. I want to share some great tools that we use in Toky that will help you build a successful remote team for sales, support or development processes.

Toky as your virtual phone system

Toky virtual phone system for virtual call center A virtual phone system allows not only internet calls among members of your team, but also getting virtual phone numbers in countries and cities where your business wants to be local. At Toky, we use our virtual phone system to offer our customers in several countries, local phone numbers to call us for free and we have a call center, where the inbound and outbound calls can be served by our team from a coworking, an office, from your home or even from the street if they use their smartphone.

Toky offers you a virtual phone system that will make collaboration, sales, and customer service easier. Learn what Toky can do for your remote team!

Chat and collaboration with Slack

Slack collaboration Chat is a very effective and agile tool to improve collaboration in teams located in different cities or countries. Slack is a very effective tool because, in addition to allowing one-to-one conversations, it allows the creation of channels to segment conversations of your team and it has many useful integrations that help to improve teams work. At Toky, we have a team distributed in 4 countries and we use Slack to coordinate activities, separating channels for each of our teams of marketing, sales, design, development, etc. teams. This makes

Toky integrates with Slack and allows you to keep your team up to date on all the events that happen on your phone platform, such as inbound calls, SMS, voicemail, etc. Learn more about our integration with Slack

Online CRM Software

CRM software integrations Customers and leads move your business and it is very important that you keep their information organized and easily accessible to the members of your team from anywhere. Online CRM software makes the collaboration of sales, marketing, and support teams much easier, especially when they are remote. Your CRM software will also help you to organize your sales process in phases, schedule follow-ups to customers and allow a way to execute and measure your marketing strategy. A good CRM in the cloud has multiple integrations that will help to improve your productivity since you can use your CRM and other software as a single tool. At Toky, we use online CRM software to manage and synchronize our sales and support activities. We use our CRM integration to avoid manual records of phone calls made and speed up the contact with customers and leads.

There are many online CRM which you can start using for free such as Hubspot CRM and Zoho CRM and other very powerful ones such as Pipedrive and

Toky integrates with very good online CRM software to improve sales and customer service. Learn more about our CRM Integrations

Live chat and customer service with Intercom

Intercom live chat and messaging For those users who do not want to talk, a live chat is an excellent option. Intercom, is a messaging platform that, besides to allowing your visitors to chat with your team, includes great features such as email marketing and marketing automation campaigns among many others that will help you to turn your visitors into customers. At Toky, we use our Intercom integration to improve the conversion of new customers, starting contacts by chat and closing sales in many cases through a phone call; in addition, every call is logged automatically in the right customer's history in Intercom.

Collaboration and task management with Asana

Asana collaboration task management A key to a good management of remote teams is to know who does what. Asana is a task and project management tool that will allow you to create the task list for your work team; you can group them by areas such as marketing, development, design etc. In Toky, we use Asana to report and assign tasks, to track deadlines, and define priorities. Having the activities registered in a shared place, allows us to follow task that we consider important and contribute to the tasks with comments and ideas. Even the founders check the tasks and adjust priorities according to business goals.

You can always find a lot of productivity tools you can use to boost your business processes with remote teams.

Start your own call center with Toky and connect your remote team with your customers everywhere.¡Learn more!

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