9 businesses that could use Toky virtual phone and click to call services

Toky Business Plan has great features designed to help marketing and customer support processes. Besides, it has several tools that allow its users take full advantage of our platform. These tools are:

  • Click to call widget, can be easily added to your website.
  • Toky web app, where you can use our features and manage your business account.
  • Toky Android App, which can be used to make and receive calls.
  • Slack integration, Get notifications about answered or lost calls , voicemails and outbound calls.
  • Google Chrome Extension used for making and receiving calls from Chrome toolbar.
  • Toky Click to Call Chrome extension, make calls to customers from Hubspot CRM, Zoho CRM, Zendesk and Google Contacts.
  • Virtual phone numbers, in more than 50 countries, so your business can be local to your customers.

These tools, combined with multiple Toky features allow business to take advantage of our platform. Here we show examples of how Toky can be used in different industries:


Toky for e-commerce If you run an online store, use Toky's widget to allow visitors to call for free if they need additional information about your products. The call recording feature will help avoid losing details from customers orders and voice mail, will help you receiving messages from customers who try to call your business out of service hours. If you need it, you can get a virtual phone number where your customers could call you from landlines or mobile phones.

If you don't have an online store but are a seller on eBay or similar platforms you could use Toky virtual phone number. Without the need to share personal information, with a call link you can allow your buyers to call you for free without publishing private phone numbers.

Real estate

Toky for real estate

If you are in Real Estate business, selling properties demands mobility, flexibility, and opportunity; every call could be the buyer you are waiting for.

For real estate agents

If you are a real estate agent, you're usually in motion; Toky will enable you to receive calls on your smartphone using our android app. Customers just need a single click, to call from your website using our widget; they could call you to your own virtual phone number too. Toky doesn't need a phone line, so you can answer calls from any Android device without having to share your private number.

For real estate builders and companies

When a company wants to sell a housing project or commercial properties, it can include Toky widget on the project website, also if you want, you can request a different virtual phone number for each project and assign agents groups to attend adequately to each customer. When you finish sales, you can perfectly cancel the number without any inconvenience.

With Toky, get a virtual phone number in more than 50 countries. ¡Sign up for a free trial!


Toky for services companies If your business is to provide services, take calls from customers with the widget on your site, using your own phone number. Request a virtual phone number you can also enable Toky to use call forwarding to your customer service number. Whether the call is made from your website or call link, Toky displays a numeric keypad for customers to use the options menu. Call recording allows replaying conversations with customers, either for quality control purposes or just to verify important customer information.

Software companies or tech support

Toky for Software development or tech support If your company is dedicated to custom software development or if it sells its products, you need to have an easy point of contact for both potential new customers and current users for technical support. The widget could be integrated into your website and facilitate calls from customers regardless of their location. In addition, enabling the option for requesting customer data before making the call allows customers to leave their name, email and phone number optionally; so you can track new customers and send commercial information.

You could also create a dedicated virtual phone number for technical support and assign it to agents that could answer customers calls from their browser using our Toky Google Chrome extension or also from our Android app. Call recording becomes an important resource, to validate that all client requests are properly attended. If you use Zendesk to register support incidents, you can use our Google Chrome extension Click To Call to contact your customers directly from Zendesk and close support cases.

Create your Toky for business account and start enjoying the great features that we can offer your business. Sign up now!

Coaching and consulting

Toky for Coaching and consulting If you work in coaching and consulting, you can offer your knowledge and guidance in sessions using Toky. Your customers could call for free using the widget on your website or call to a virtual phone number. With Toky, you will not only offer them multiple ways to contact you at no cost, but calls recording that could be evidence of the session and that you can use for your own analysis or it can be sold to your customers as added value to your services, because the recordings can be exported.

Health business

Toky for health businesses If your business is health related, your patients will appreciate having several ways to request appointments or talk to a doctor. For this you can use our widget on your website so visitors just need one click to call your business, you can request a virtual phone number in cities where your services are needed. The call history and call recording, allow you to control the attention of customers and also if you use Zoho CRM or HubSpot CRM to manage your clients, you can use the Toky Click To Call Chrome extension to directly call your customers to confirm or reschedule appointments.

Marketing and advertising agencies

Toky for Marketing and advertising agencies If you have an advertising agency, Toky can be added to your value proposition, and you could offer your customers disposable phone numbers and great contact possibilities for their campaigns; you can also include the widget in developed websites. In addition to this, using Toky, an agency could integrate their work teams, allowing even to employees who work freelance, receiving customer calls anywhere in the world and also return calls or communicate free with other team members, either from our Android app or using the Toky website.

Educational institutions

Toky for Educational institutions Both current students and new applicants could communicate from the website directly to required departments, using our widget. If you already have a PBX, you can use call forwarding to receive calls from your website. They can also directly assign virtual phone numbers to research projects or small investigation teams without investing in phone lines extensions to your current network.

Restaurants and food companies

Toky for Restaurants and food companies Your customers will appreciate to make reservations or request food from your website using our widget. The call recording could be very useful to check that orders are correctly registered and the use of virtual phone numbers in different cities, plus the allocation by groups of agents, will allow even large restaurant chains to centralize the attention of their customers and make rapid deployment of new stores and franchises.

To know more about Toky we invite you to visit our website and see the features that you can use to improve your communication with customers.

Your type of business is not listed here? Contact us; Toky sure can help your business and it has many features to it. Visit www.toky.co or call by clicking on the green button, we will be happy to hear from your business and discuss your needs.

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