Advantages of taking your call center everywhere

When your clients call your business, they imagine the call center as a large office full of cubicles where all your agents are dedicated only to receiving and making calls. Although this can be the case, cloud telephony technology based on VoIP technology allows for the decentralization of call centers because, unlike conventional telephony that depends on cables, cloud telephony depends on an internet connection. Thanks to internet penetration that exceeds 60% worldwide and reaches over 90% in some regions such as Europe and North America, you can attend your call center from almost anywhere.

Beyond mobile devices

There are different advantages to being able to answer calls requiring only an internet connection. This flexibility and mobility is not only focused on being able to answer calls from a mobile device, but also on being able to answer from any computer with an internet connection. Here we will mention some of the most important:

  • Start a virtual call center easily: A virtual call center is one where agents answer calls from anywhere with internet, so you can have collaborators answering calls from your clients while they work from home. Thanks to virtual telephony, it can operate as if they were in the same office, making and receiving calls from business phone numbers, transfering calls to other colleagues, attending SMS messages or WhatsApp Business, and much more. This can reduce operating costs of your business by not requiring a dedicated space for your call center, and it'll give you even greater flexibility in hiring personnel in other countries to answer calls during extended hours, without incurring payment of extra hours.
  • Answer calls from any device: Stop depending on traditional telephones now that you can turn any desktop computer or mobile device into a business phone. This mobility will allow you to be connected with your business no matter where you work, or when you're on the go.
  • More mobility without losing features: The mobile applications of the virtual telephony platforms will allow you not only to make and receive calls from your customers easily, but also be able to continue using many of the platform's features such as recording and transferring calls, sending and receiving SMS and even using WhatsApp Business. For your clients, it will be a normal call to your business number, and for you, it can be answered from a park or while at a café. It's also important to highlight integrations with CRM or business applications.
  • Privacy for your collaborators: In case your clients need to contact you or your collaborators, they will only have to call your business number and contact the desired person through the IVR, or by dialing their extension. The call can be answered from the app installed on a mobile device without your collaborators having to share their personal numbers.

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