Buying a local or toll free phone number for your business

When you want a business phone number, you have 2 options: either you buy one or more local numbers, or, depending on your business you can buy a toll free number for your country. We will share some reasons why you could use these types of numbers for your business.

Toll free numbers

These toll-free phone numbers are numbers that have some important characteristics:

  • They are not associated with a specific city in your country as they are country-wide numbers.
  • Anyone from your country can call you by dialing from any city using the same number as they do not have area codes.
  • They allow free calls to your customers.
  • They generally require a setup fee and are charged per minute for inbound calls.

When to use toll-free numbers

First, keep in mind that as these toll-free numbers have national coverage, your business must offer your services and products for the whole country. Toll free numbers can be useful in the following cases:

  • You want to offer a single point of contact for your business to simplify communication with your customers.
  • Your business offers services internationally and you want to expand your business to that country without having to have offices there.
  • The cost of incoming calls is perfectly covered by your sales or by the benefits you offer to your customers and improve the image of your business.
  • It is a great alternative for online stores, online services (SaaS), delivery services with national coverage and, in general, businesses in which the proximity of the customer does not impact the sale directly.

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Local numbers

These numbers are the most common for businesses and have the following characteristics:

  • They are associated with a specific city
  • Only those who are in the same area will be able to call you free of charge.
  • Those who call you from other cities in the country must apply the area code, so you must clearly publish the numbers with prefixes on your website, social networks or wherever necessary.
  • They have no cost per minute for inbound calls.

When to use landlines

These numbers can be used in different cases:

  • You don't want to bear the cost of incoming calls.
  • The volume of incoming calls is not significant since you make mostly outgoing calls.
  • In this case, you can have local numbers in the cities where your clients are and call them using this number to increase the probability that they will answer.
  • It is a suitable option for local businesses such as bakeries, restaurants, department stores or warehouses of any type of products. It also applies to businesses with operations at the national level but who wish to offer local contacts to their clients.

In any case, with cloud phone systems like Toky, you will be able to connect all phone numbers to a single platform and manage them centrally, either with a centralized call center or with agents in different locations. You'll also have functionalities such as IVR, caller ID, call recording and many more features to improve the communication of your business and your customers.

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