Improved call center dashboard using Toky, Zapier and Google Data Studio

In a previous post I explained how to create a call center dashboard using the Toky and Zapier integration with a spreadsheet of Google Sheets. Now I want to explain how you can get an improved version in which you can filter the data by agent and by date range and obtain a series of call center indicators that I think will be useful for you to better evaluate the performance of your team of agents. This time I will use a Google tool called Google Data Studio.

This is the call center dashboard you will build:
Toky call center dashboard

But, ¿what's Google Data Studio?

It is a Google tool that allows you to create visual reports connecting to Google data sources such as Analytics, AdWords, YouTube among others and also allows you to use your own data by uploading files or the one we will use in this case, which is a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. It's free so you can use it for many other things if you learn how to use it properly.

What do you need for the dashboard?

In order to create this dashboard for your call center with Toky, it is necessary that you have the following:

  1. The sheet in Google Sheets, connected with Zapier with the integration of Toky. For this you can follow the steps of our previous post.
  2. Have a tab in your browser connecting a Google product through the Google account with which you have access to the sheet you have connected to Toky and Zapier. It can be a connection to the Google Drive account
  3. Open this link with the Data Source of Google Data Studio, which will later show you how to copy it and use it with your own data. Just click here to open a tab
  4. Open the link with the example dashboard that we have created using sample data, with a series of important indicators that will help you manage your call center. For this click on this link.

Now, how do you create the call center dashboard?

Now, in the next video you will see step by step how to create your dashboard using Toky, Zapier, Google Sheets and Google Data Studio.

We hope with this tool you not only take advantage of Toky virtual phone system, but also the information it generates and store using Zapier, to properly manage your call center.

There is much more you can do with Toky to improve your business's phone communication. Learn more about our integrations!

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