Call forwarding in your call center as a productivity tool

There are times when you must be available to your customers, even when you're not connected to your cloud phone system. Call forwarding offers great flexibility for this situation, since it allows calls received in your business telephone system to be diverted to a landline or mobile number so that you can answer, even without an internet connection. Call forwarding will never share the external number with your clients, it will simply be as if you answered them from your call center.

The uses of call forwarding can go a bit further, and when combined with other features of your phone system, you can greatly improve the productivity of your call center and enhance your customer service.

Call forwarding when you are not online

This is the most common use of call forwarding, and allows you to be available to your customers when they call your business and you don't have an internet connection to attend from your mobile application. You can also link this to your extension number so your customers can always contact you, without having to share your personal phone numbers with them.

Call transfer to external numbers

It's possible to configure your telephony platform so that your agents can transfer calls to telephone numbers outside your organization. This form of call forwarding will allow you to integrate collaborators who are not directly connected to your call center into your customer service network, such as external providers, experts who can only attend to certain incidents, or agents who for whatever reason are out of the office.

Call forwarding from the IVR

You can configure some of your IVR options to connect with external numbers, like call forwarding. You can allow customers to contact external resources in your organization without having to share their phone number directly. This type of contact can be applied to serve important clients, with whom you have a support contract that requires you to attend to them even after hours.

In all cases, it's important to keep in mind that call forwarding can be made to telephones in other countries and may have an associated cost depending on your virtual telephone provider. In conclusion, this feature can help improve the service levels of your call center by allowing you to answer calls even when you don't have an internet connection or centralized customer service in a single call center.

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