Get more out of call forwarding in your cloud phone system

Call forwarding is a feature of virtual telephony that allows you to route incoming calls to a landline or mobile phone over a normal telephone network, without relying on an internet connection. Cloud phone systems allow you to use call forwarding in various situations to execute your processes fluidly and efficiently.

Call forwarding when not online

In Toky, you can add a landline or mobile phone number, so the calls received will be forwarded to that number if you're not online on the phone platform. You can also configure Toky so that all your calls can be sent to your phone. This option will allow you to always be available to receive calls from your clients even when having internet problems, and without having to share your personal phone number.

Call forwarding when offline

Call transfer to external numbers

You can register and enable external contacts in Toky’s phone directory so your agents can transfer calls when they need to. This option will allow you to integrate external resources into your customer service and support processes in a natural and efficient way.

Call forwarding transfer

Learn how to enable external contacts to your company so that you can transfer calls with this tutorial.

Call forwarding as an IVR option

When setting up your IVR, or phone menu, you can define an option that will forward the call to a landline or mobile number. This option can be extremely useful on weekends, holidays or after working hours, when you have assigned support agents in charge of serving your clients during these special times, or when you want to connect different business locations in a centralized phone menu.

Call forwarding from IVR

With Toky you can also configure a multi-level IVR that will allow you to define more external numbers depending on the type of service that the client requires.

Toky will help you improve communication with your customers, through calls, SMS WhatsApp Business and much more. Boost your productivity with our integrations and make your call center more efficient. Try Toky for free!

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