Call potential customers quickly by integrating Toky with your web forms

For any business, it is essential to increase new customers, and it's common to use forms on websites or landing pages to collect information from potential leads. When a potential customer leaves a phone number, it is critical to call him in the shortest time possible to take advantage of his recent interest in your product or service. There are callback solutions in which the visitor leaves his phone and contact information to return the call, and this can be achieved easily with Toky.

The Toky dialer

The Toky dialer is the tool that allows you to make phone calls to customers from your internet browser. If you already have an account in Toky and you're logged in on another browser window or tab, you can see that the dialer can be accessed from this URL:

If you add the call parameter and a phone number, the dialer will open with this number ready to call. You can try with this link that will load the Toky number in the USA:

Now how to use this to make easy calls to those who register on web forms?

Integrating the dialer with web forms and landing pages

To make this work, it's important to make sure the software or component used to capture the data of your leads can do the following:

  • Send customized email notifications: You must be able to send emails with custom HTML messages including the form values.
  • You must add a field where the phone number is requested: The phone field must be required form so it can be used to make the call and it is also vital asking the phone number must be in international format. Let's take as an example that we have a form that requests the following fields:

  • Submit_date

  • Lead_Name

  • Lead_Email

  • Lead_Phone_number: Phone number in international format.

In the solution that you define you can use the following template, replacing {{variable_name}} with your own variables:

Date: {{Submit_date}}<br>  
Name: {{Lead_Name}}<br>  
Phone: <a href="{{Lead_Phone number)}}">{{Lead_Phone number}}</a><br>  

When you receive an email notification after a customer fill on the web form, you will have the information with a link in the phone number where the click will launch the Toky dialer with the number ready to call.

Toky callback form

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How to use this template?

You can use this email template, from any forms or landing pages software that allows sending emails with included the data collected in the forms. We will show you how to use Zapier to send emails applying this template and being able to call with a click to the leads who leave their phone number in any form where you ask for a phone number in international format.

We will use the app Email by Zapier and the action Send Outbound Email. You can apply this method to capture leads on Facebook or LinkedIn, for forms such as Google Forms or Typeform and also for landing page tools such as Unbounce. Here are some Zaps to start:

After selecting your tool to capture the data, you choose Email by Zapier as your action:
Zapier email by zapier Next, select Send outbound email as the action:
Zapier send outbound email In the Edit template step you enter the destination email in the to field, the email Subject and in the Body (HTML or Plain) field, add the template and replace the variables taken from the tool you chose as Trigger
Zapier email template callback form

Date: {{Submit_date_field}}<br>  
Name: {{Full_Name_field}}<br>  
Phone: <a href="{{Lead_Phone number_field)}}">{{Lead_Phone number_field}}</a><br>  

Remember that you can customize all the email fields with the values of the form to which you link the email with Zapier.

After enabling this Zap when someone adds a record in your form, you will receive an email with a link in the phone number that will open the Toky dialer.

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