Why a cloud phone system could be an advantage for BPO businesses

When hiring a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company, a business is looking to obtain benefits such as:

  • Reduction of operating costs, by saving money on personnel expenses, offices and other resources necessary to execute back-office activities (Accounting, Legal, human resources, payroll or purchases) or front office (Call center, sales, market research or customer support)
  • Increase the capacity of your internal teams to focus on the main business.
  • Greater efficiency and control of outsourced business processes.
  • Indirect incorporation of software and advanced technology for business processes, without incurring licensing fees.
  • Business processes continuity, not depending on a specific staff but on a service that must be guaranteed by the company hired for the process outsourcing service.

BPO companies must incorporate technology platforms, preferably in the cloud, to offer their clients the speed and efficiency that is demanded by them. Cloud solutions allow BPO companies to provide services to both local and foreign customers, which can see them as an offshore solution to their needs.

Why a business phone platform in the cloud?

BPO companies require essential communication channels such as email and chat, but it is on phone calls where they can offer significant advantages for their clients. Virtual phone systems not only help outsourcing companies provide services with high value, but it also gives them the flexibility to hire agents in different locations. By having distributed teams, BPO companies can operate on different time zones, and take presence in different countries with local phone numbers, without needing offices. They can also take advantage of integrations with CRMs or business applications to reduce manual tasks and manage their business in a modern way.

Some of the characteristics of virtual telephony that can make process outsourcing offerings more attractive are:

  • Get virtual numbers in different countries easily: Phone numbers allow the creation of outbound call center and sales services. Also provide a local contact for services such as accounting, payroll, or purchases. With virtual telephony, BPOs can include phone numbers as a part of their service packages and even obtain extra income for their management.
  • Ease to work with distributed teams: With cloud telephony, you can easily create virtual call centers for each client, based on phone numbers with groups of dedicated agents. Agents do not need to be in the same location and can even work from home efficiently and communicate with their team or transfer calls as if they were in the same office.
  • Click to call button on websites: BPO customers can offer free calls from their websites directly to the contracted call center service, or even the same BPO company can provide customers with free calls to their back-office services.
  • Virtual Fax Services:For those BPO clients that still require the reception of documents via Fax, with virtual telephony platforms, offering this functionality is simple, and customers can receive the documents in their email.
  • Personalized greeting audios: It is possible to assign different audios to each client phone number, to maintain a unified corporate image among the internal teams of the BPO client and the outsourced teams.
  • Capacity to send SMS: BPO companies can add to their services the ability to send text messages, this can be suitable for tasks like marketing communications, debt collections, and customer service.
  • Easy integration with business apps: Virtual phone services use VoIP and the internet, they can be easily integrated with software like CRMs, helpdesk, collaboration, and business tools. Many platforms also offer APIs that developers can use to integrate the virtual telephony with in-house software.
  • Extensive reporting: Phone systems offer a large number of reports and data sources that can be used to generate reports for clients.
  • Adaptability to the business: Agents can be added or removed with full flexibility to optimize the costs of the phone service according to the BPO’s market situation.

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