Create a custom call center dashboard using Toky, Zapier and Google Sheets

In Toky, we have different reports you can use to monitor your call center; however, you may need something different and more customized, so I am going to tell you how you can create a dashboard like this one where you can see different indicators that will help you control your call center.

Toky call center dashboard

For this dashboard, we will use Google Sheets and the integration with Zapier. It does not matter if you do not know much about Google Sheets and you do not have to worry about the formulas because we will give you the file that you must connect with Zapier and we will tell you how to do it.

Getting ready

First, you must prepare the following elements:

  • You must have a Zapier account.
  • You must enable Toky and Zapier integration, you could read how in this article of our help center
  • You must copy in your Google Drive the Toky Call center Dashboard spreadsheet that you can download from this link. This file has some hidden sheets to facilitate the process, responsible for making some filters. The visible sheets are:
    • Dashboard: Is the dashboard we want to build.
    • Calls log: It is the sheet where Zapier will record all the calls made in Toky.

Unless you have good knowledge in Google Sheets we recommend you initially not to modify names and columns to get the dashboard that we show you.

On the sheet Calls log, you can also create pivot tables for another type of analysis.

Creating the zap

To start recording the Toky call records in Google Sheets, we will use the Toky and Google Sheets apps in Zapier.

Step 1: Start creating a zap with the Toky template with Google Sheets: Create an agent call log in Google Sheets for every call made and received in Toky by clicking the button below 👇

Step 2: Click on Create this Zap Toky Create this zap Step 3: The template has already selected the New Call trigger, so, you only have to click on Continue Toky Create Zapier trigger Step 4: Select the Toky connection if you already have one or create it with this tutorial then just click on Save + Continue Zapier Select Toky connection Step 5: Try if the connection is working by clicking on Fetch & Continue Zapier test Toky connection Step 6: If you see the Test successful message it means that the Toky connection is working great, just click on Continue Zapier Toky test successful Step 7: Now you must connect the zap to your Google account so you can save call data in your spreadsheet. For this the zap will use the Create Spreadsheet rows trigger; just click on Continue Zapier Google Sheets Create Spreadsheet rows trigger

Step 8: First you must connect Zapier to the Google Drive account where you copied the Toky Call center Dashboard spreadsheet, for this, you must click on Connect account and typing your connection information. Zapier connect Google account

Step 9: After the previous process, you must see the connection, just click on Save + Continue Zapier Google Sheets connection succesful Step 10: Now we can select in the Spreadsheet field, the spreadsheet Toky Call center dashboard and in the Worksheet you must select Calls log and then click on Show advanced options to display the columns where the zap is going to enter the call data.

Zapier select Google Spreadsheet and Worksheet

Step 11: For every column, assign the fields from the Toky integration to every column, just like you see in the images. Zapier Toky Google Sheets integration fields 1 Zapier Toky Google Sheets integration fields 2

Before the fields From Number of the call y To Number of the call you must put an apostrophe (') because the phone number formats can be displayed in Google Sheets as a math operations and we need to get the phone numbers. After filling the fields click on Continue

Step 12: Now, Zapier allows you to generate a test record by clicking on Create & Continue Zapier Create row Google Sheet After clicking on the button you will see in the Calls log sheet of the Google Sheets file the test row added.
Toky Call center sheet with row added by zapier Step 13: After completing and seeing what the test record generated, you can click on Finish Zapier finish zap Step 14: Now you just have to activate the Zap and wait for your agents to start making and receiving calls in Toky, so that Zapier start adding call information. Zapier activate Zap

Now in the Zapier dashboard you can see your new Toky Zap and Google Sheets active and running.

Zapier dashboard

After a few days you will see data and your dashboard will begin to show information. Some other things you can do with this data is:

  • You can make pivot tables using the Calls log sheet to get some detailed analysis.
  • You can use pivot tables and charts with the Calls log sheet data to design your own call center KPI indicators.

Besides Zapier, Toky can be integrated to CRM and tools such as Facebook and Slack. Learn more!

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