Create automations with Toky and your business apps using Integromat

Whether you have a large or small team, there are always some tasks that, despite being small, can be repetitive and time-consuming for your collaborators. Many of these activities involve different applications that are disconnected from each other, and passing information from one to the other them can be complex.

Automations help your business to simplify processes, and while tools like Toky have integrations with some solutions, it's sometimes necessary to carry out more complex and personalized processes according to how your business operates.

Discovering Integromat

Integromat is a platform that allows you to connect applications in integration scenarios, without coding. In these scenarios, you can connect multiple applications and create flows between them. You can even have filters and conditionals for a more efficient process; For example: you can capture a new Toky call and execute a specific activity only if the call is inbound, or if it's from a certain phone number.

Toky Integromat scenario integrations

A scenario in Integromat can connect multiple applications, out of the hundreds of applications that you'll find there. . Each application has a way to enable its connection, and for Toky, you can use this tutorial to activate it.

You can easily start with this integration, using some of the following templates to try it out. This will allow you to integrate much more of your business processes with Toky.

Besides Integromat, Toky has many more integrations and other features that can help you improve your support and sales processes. Try Toky for free!

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