Getting started with Zoho CRM

What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM is a customer management and sales process tool, which is part of the Zoho solution suite. The free plan of this CRM is great for small teams since it allows up to 10 users and a useful set of features like lead management, contacts, team collaboration tools and a mobile app.

How to start with Zoho CRM?

First, you must go to Zoho CRM site and create an account and after entering, you can change the language if you want.

Change language in Zoho CRM

Create your sales team

You need to add members to your sales team. They will be in charge of managing customer's information and recording notes and follow up to sales opportunities from leads to customers.
Add new user to Zoho CRM

You can assign your agents the following profiles:

  • Administrator: It has access to all the features of the Zoho CRM account.
  • Standard: It has limited access to account features. It is the best profile for sales agents.

To activate a new user in Zoho CRM to be enabled, the assigned email must be confirmed.

Add your leads or prospects

In the Leads section, your team can start adding leads one by one from sources such as cold email campaigns, social networks, or different sources. If you have a list of leads you can import it from other CRM software or an Excel or CSV file.

Learn some techniques you can use to get customers for your business in this post

Add leads to Zoho CRM

Keep track of your leads follow-ups

After adding your leads, you should start looking for sales to close and leads to turn into customers; for this, you must add notes to leads when you contact them by phone or email or you can schedule tasks such as follow-ups, information to send or demonstrations to do.
add follow-up information to leads in Zoho CRM

From Zoho, you can send emails, attach files and generally add any information that helps you to learn more about your lead. The information collected is available to the entire team to make the collaboration easier.

When you close a sale, a lead becomes a customer by clicking on the Convert button and you can find the record now in Accounts Convert leads into customers in Zoho CRM

With the Zoho CRM integration with Toky you can call your customers with a click and without leaving the CRM. Learn more!

Other options and functionalities of Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM In addition to the above features you can use these sections:

  • Home: Customizable dashboard with tasks, events, leads and other important information for your sales and marketing process.
  • Contacts: Listing of all account contacts and Leads.
  • Deals: Dashboard with your sales pipeline where you can record your sales opportunities with a value so that you see how much money is at stake in the different phases of the process.
  • Activities: Control panel of tasks, events, calls and any activity related to the sales process in the CRM.
  • Reports: List of pre-defined reports
  • Campaigns: Registration and monitoring of activities for the acquisition of leads and clients such as events, webinars, public relations, advertising, etc.
  • Documents: Shared document repository in which the marketing and sales team can find and publish resources.
  • Zoho CRM app: Whether you have a paid plan or a free CRM plan, you can make use of the Zoho CRM app for iPhone and Android.

Alternative to Phonebridge to integrate your phone system with Zoho CRM

Toky can be integrated to Zoho CRM easily. This integration will make easier to use your CRM and phone system as a single sales tool. Toky automatically adds notes to the customer with data about inbound and outbound calls, voicemails and also synchronize your contacts in Zoho CRM with the Toky directory so you always know who is calling. You can also make calls to your leads or customers with a click to call option inside Zoho CRM.

Learn more about our integration with Zoho CRM and contact us. Our customer service team will answer all your questions.

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