How to create a custom Call Center performance Report

You can find several reports in Toky which can help you monitor your call center; however, you may need more customized reports with different indicators which allow you to measure the agent's performance, use of phone numbers, the costs of calls and more metrics. For this, we have created a report using Google Data Studio, using information exported from one of the Toky reports. This call center report can be customized with your own colors, images, and logo.

Previously, we have shared how to create a call center dashboard, using the data generated with our Zapier Integration but this time we want to use one of the Toky available reports to create a different report that will help you measure different indicators and statistics and which will allow you to keep track of your team, your phone numbers and, in general, the performance of your call center.

Call Center Performance Report KPI

What do you need?

To create this report you must have the following:

  1. Export the data from the Raw Data report from Toky to a CSV file.
  2. Upload the CSV file to Google Drive y convert it to a Google Sheet.
  3. Open this link with the Data Source of Google Data Studio, which will later tell you how to copy it and use it with your data. Just click here to open it in a new window
  4. Open the link to the Call Center Performance Report that we have designed with important indicators and listings that will help you manage your call center. For this click here.

How to use this?

To create your own call center report, just follow the steps described in the video.

Define a frequency to update the report that can be every week or month. Export the data of the report Raw Data, open it with any Spreadsheet software such as Excel or Google Sheets, copy and paste the new information as new rows on the same sheet of the Google Sheet that you already created. You just have to refresh the data from the Data Studio report.

This report can be useful and may serve as a basic template for creating your own call center indicators. If you want to know more about how to use Google Data Studio, to take better advantage of the data that you exported from Toky, you can look at these videos

There is much more you can do with Toky to improve your customer service and increase your sales. Try Toky for free!

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