How to easily add a click to call button to your website

As more and more people are transitioning to visiting websites instead of stores and physical offices, it is more important than ever to offer your visitors a suitable experience when visiting your site. Beyond design and usability, it is important to provide effective contact channels. A click to call button is a convenient tool that easily allows your potential customers to call your support or sales team from within your website.

The Toky call button uses our VoIP technology to turn your website into a new business phone for your customers. With a couple of clicks, they can place a call to your call center in Toky, free and without any additional software.

Learn about the different options you can use to install the Toky call widget, adding a click to call button on your website.

Install call button with call widget generator

Toky provides a widget generator where you can customize your call button, and define, among other features, its colors, shape, text, and location. You will find this widget generator on your dashboard.

Toky click to call widget generator

This option requires you to access your website, so you can place the widget code snippet before the </body> tag of the page where you want it to appear, or the main template so it's visible throughout your website. When configured, it'll look like this following example:

Install the call widget using Tag Manager

If you have Google Tag Manager installed on your website, you can use the Custom HTML tag to activate the widget on your website, with a few simple steps and without requiring the support of a developer.

Toky click to call tag manager

You can follow the steps described in this tutorial in case you need to know more in detail about how to perform this installation.

Install the click to call button on a Wordpress site

If you have a site on Wordpress, we have a plugin that will make it easier for you to install your call button on your site. You can find the installation tutorial in this article.

Toky click to call for Wordpress

Besides adding a call button, Toky has integrations and other features that can help you improve your support and sales processes. Try Toky for free!

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