How to increase sales combining Intercom events and Toky phone calls

Acquiring new customers will be a constant need in your business, and increasing the conversion rate has perhaps become one of the most important goals to achieve. At Toky, being a B2B business, this need is a bit stronger because business customers, unlike customers of products and service of mass consumption, do not respond Well to normal advertising. When your customers are business or startups, you must work harder if you want to convert a visitor or even a trial account user into a paid client.

I want to share the process that our sales and marketing team uses to convert some of our users from trial accounts to paid customers. This process uses Intercom and Toky in the process of monitoring and converting new users.

The process

The overall process we apply to new users is really simple:

  1. Define the criteria for selecting potential prospects or leads.
  2. Define the criteria for declaring a lead as a potential customer
  3. Depending on the criteria, decide between a soft contact with an email or a direct contact through a sales call.

sales funnel with Toky and Intercom

1. Select leads to convert

Maybe you would like to turn all your visitors into customers, but you may not have hundreds of agents on your team to do so. It is important then, to have a filter that allows you to select in which clients you should focus your resources and make a sales process more detailed and effective.

At Toky, we decided to apply the process to all the new users who signed up for our free trial and who have not paid a Toky Business plan before the 14-day trial period expires.

To be able to carry out the process of selecting prospects, we integrated [Intercom] ( to our website and to our platform; then we add some properties to identify users who are in their trial period and who have not made payments yet.

2. Select potential customers from registered leads

Not everyone who sign up for your product or who asks for information, can become customers and that does not necessarily obey the quality of your product, maybe it does not match the current customer's needs.

In our case, there are people creating an account in Toky just to try how it works; the feature which your customers can call you with a single click is interesting, but sometimes the user really does not have a concrete need for a cloud telephony platform. In this case, we define that a user who opens a session more than certain times in our platform during the trial period may have an interest in our solution. He maybe has made calls or not, but he may have some concerns and have not manifested them by any of the means of contact we offer. Believe me when I tell you that not many people contact you if they have a doubt with your product or service; some of them may simply abandon for just not understanding something and that is where the opportunities to improve your sales are. You must define some good criteria that allow you to find those people who execute events that show that they are interested in your product but that have not contacted you so you can proceed to contact them on your own.

At Toky, we define a simple criterion to select some potential customers and is that the user has visited our platform more than 5 times and has not contacted us or gone to a payment plan, he may have some doubts and we are the ones who contact him.

Using Intercom, we add to the initial filter the condition that tells us how many times the user has logged into our platform.

It is important at this stage that you apply all the necessary filters that may indicate some interest in your product in order to proceed to contact customers. These filters are very related to your type of product or service and you can use, among others, the number of times the user visited your site, how many times he visited your price page or features, the time that stays on your page or the events that help you to differentiate the interested ones of who only create an account for curiosity.

3. Contact the possible client directly

Depending on the criteria you have chosen to select your prospects and potential customers and also the contact information you have, you must decide whether to call the customer or contact him by email. If you decide to contact him by email, you can create on Intercom an automatic message in the section of Intercom Engage where you can apply all the criteria of selection of possible clients and generate an automatic message; although this can be useful because it does not require your agents to send the mail, we recommend you make the sales call if you have the user's phone number.

Phone calls are 10 times more likely to generate sales, compared to forms and other digital media.

At Toky, we decide to send an email just in case we do not have the customer's phone; otherwise, we use our Intercom integration and we make the phone call with just one click from the Intercom leads report.

Toky click to call from Intercom

Making the phone call we have had excellent results and in addition to this, our future clients not only learn more about our interest to provide the service but also begin to experience our excellent customer service. Even when each call doesn't always end in a new customer if they are satisfied with our customer support. they usually refer us to other possible leads. Before making the calls I want to give you the following tips:

  1. Plan your calls: Take the list of customers that Intercom generates and plan the sales calls taking into account the type of user, his type of business and what he needs and his country; is very important to avoid making calls at inappropriate times.
  2. Prepare your pitch: In addition to being educated, you must prepare what you are going to say you must be concrete and effective, a simple structure in which you make a cordial greeting and identify yourself, ask if you can continue the call, make a short pitch and answer questions, may be enough. People tend to cut the call if they perceive doubt, inconsistency or if they feel they are taking too long.
  3. Define primary and secondary objectives: While your main goal is to close a sale, sometimes it is not possible at the first contact, so you should try to at least get a second call or an appointment for a demonstration.
  4. Focus on the customer and the sales process: Do not start doing other things that do not have to do with the sales process; people feel when you are not giving proper attention and they feel this as insecurity or lack of interest.
  5. Be prepared for the negatives: Not all people will welcome you nicely and maybe they will cut you due to lack of time, ask you to send them an email or you can even get son rude answers. You should try to stay calm and friendly even in these situations.
  6. Record information of your calls: If you have a CRM you must take control of the calls made and notes of the call made to the client. At Toky, we use our CRM integration so that the call is registered automatically and we can avoid repeated calls that can be annoying and damage the sales process.

Would you like to try selling using Toky and Intercom? Take your free trial of Toky for business.

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