How to start a virtual call center for startups the easy way

When you have a startup and start getting customers, phone calls, and live calls over the internet play an important role. If your business is B2B, many business customers will expect to talk about your product or service before paying for it. If it is B2C like e-commerce, many buyers will appreciate if they have how to talk to your agents about the details of your products. But how do you handle a growing volume of calls without paying too much and make better use of your resources?

A virtual call center is the best option for startups because using VoIP technology and cloud phone systems, you can get many great features at a low cost. Call queuing, IVR, voicemail, call recording, inbound and outbound calls, and CRM integrations can help you to keep in order your customers and to offer an excellent service.

How to set up a virtual call center using Toky?

Starting a call center for your startup with Toky is very simple. You have to start by creating an account in and then you can proceed as follows:

  1. Create agents: Active agents will be simultaneous lines available for making and receiving calls. For each agent, you can enable call forwarding to a landline or mobile phone that works when they are not online in Toky.

  2. Add Toky widget to your website: After installing the widget, you enable live calls from your website and your visitors can call with a click. For this, you can use the Toky widget generator or if you have a site in Wordpress you can install our Click to call plugin

  3. Get ready to answer calls: With Toky, you can answer internet calls from anywhere. You can use Toky dashboard in your browser at, use our Android Toky app, also a VoIP client for iPhone or our Toky for business chrome extension

    With Toky, you can receive as many calls as you want for free and with unlimited minutes.

  4. Get your own virtual phone number: With Toky you can have phone numbers in more than 60 countries and allow your customers to call you to a local number for free.

    With the Toky business plan there are some countries for which you can request a free virtual phone number.

  5. Get ready to make some calls: You can start calling customers from our website, the Google Chrome extension Toky for Business o with the extension Toky Click to call that allows you to call with a click to contacts registered in your CRM and other platforms like Zendesk.

    Outbound calls have a very affordable cost per minute which you can verify in our pricing page

  6. Integrate Toky with your software You can integrate our cloud telephony system with more than 10 tools that include CRM software, Facebook, and Slack. The integrations will improve your marketing and customer service process and will boost the collaboration in your call center.

After starting your call center with Toky, you can get the following benefits:

  • You will offer customers free calls from your website, or virtual phone numbers.
  • You can answer calls from your office, your home or even when you are in the streets looking for customers.
  • Outbound calls at a very affordable price, even to international customers.
  • A full featured cloud phone system with call queues, greeting messages, voicemail, CRM integrations, call recording and much more.
  • You will have another way to talk to your team members because Toky offers free unlimited calls among registered agents.
  • A complete and affordable phone system solution that can grow with your business or startup and where you can add or remove virtual phone numbers or agents as needed.
  • You can even think about creating a virtual call center business ready for inbound and outbound calls for customer service, debt collection, etc.

There are many other great things that your business can get by using Toky, Visit our website, and learn more about the great features we have to help you improve marketing and customer service processes.

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