How we ran a Boost Post Campaign on Facebook with nice results

When you have a startup or any business, you need to invest your money wisely. Advertising expenses are perhaps very difficult to control because you are unable to determine how a customer found your business; for example they may have visited your website due to your advertising campaigns or through another means.

At Toky, we used to try small-scale strategies and analyze the results to optimize advertising expenses. We wanted to see if our campaigns had some impact, so we monitored performance metrics of our website and our blog. We run just one test at a time for checking results carefully.

We decided to try the Boost Post option that you see on your Facebook fan page.This option allows you to showcase your publication to a larger audience than the one you have with your followers.

You have to choose carefully the post that you want to boost, as it must be relevant to the target audience and include a clear Call to Action that is consistent with the audience you are targeting. In our case, we decided to push this publication.

At Toky, we use our Facebook fan page to reach our market segment in Spanish.

We consider the information we share in this post important for entrepreneurs and startups that could use this tips and maybe they could be interested in the services we offer at Toky. You can find the English version of this post here.

Our mission at Toky is to help our customers and community enjoy our journey and learn a few helpful tips along the way.Do you want to know what we do at Toky? Try our business plan free for 14 days and see how we can benefit your business. Visit

To promote a publication just simply click on the Boost Post button and in the options you can select:

  • Add button: You can add a button with several texts, this button will appear in the post as a Call to Action.
  • Audience: this section lets you direct your publication by geographic location, age, gender and interests.
  • Budget and duration: Here you say how much you want to spend in your promotion and for how long. In this part you will see an estimate of the publication reach, which depends on the budget and the audience selected.

It is important to choose the correct target audience and market segment for your campaign as Facebook charges for every person who sees your post. This will eat into your budget quickly if the plan is not concisely put together.

Facebook boost post We boosted our post with the following parameters:

  • Budget: USD $15
  • Duration: 4 days (Friday to Monday)
  • Audience: men and women from 27 to 40 years old, living in 4 countries and has 14 interests.

After completing the promotion of the publication we obtained the following results:

  • 2827 People reached
  • 363 Engagements or publication interactions
    • 23 clicks on link
    • 19 Page Likes
    • 321 publication Likes

Perhaps these results do not sound very interesting; however, as I mentioned initially you should monitor both the website and the blog. There we found interesting results:

  • Our blog received three times more visits during the duration of the campaign and we continued to see an upturn in visitor numbers for a few days after finishing the campaign.
  • Our website visits doubled during the campaign period and after it ended the visits recovered the average traffic.

Our blog brings part of traffic to our website. Do you want to know how we measure how much? Look at this post

After this test, we started using this Facebook option, changing the days of the week and playing with specific segments. In fact, we have tried some direct deals for some countries. Our conclusion, promoting a Facebook post is a good choice to start testing advertising on this social network and it requires little investment while discovering the best way to do it; although the impact may not be significant in all cases, you can see benefits of the investment.

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