Increase home office efficiency with a cloud phone system

With each passing day, it's become more and more necessary to have a strategy that allows your business to operate with remote teams, either due to emergency situations such as the current one, or to maintain a face-to-face and remote work dynamic with your work team.

It's always critical to keep your company available for your customers and your work team operating in an integrated manner, regardless of whether they are in the office or working from home.

For this, cloud phone systems like Toky offer tools that will allow your work teams to operate consistently, provide adequate and timely customer service to your clients with transparency, so your customers don't feel like your team is in different places.

These are some of the main activities that cloud phone systems will allow efficiency for your team when working from home:

Answer calls as if you were in the same place

You can have landlines or toll-free phone numbers that your customers can call, and your team can answer from wherever they are, either from their browser, desktop computer or mobile device. The calls go through an IVR that, besides guiding your customers, will help you to distribute the calls so that they reach the correct teams.

The ring strategy feature will allow you to define if calls should ring to all agents in a team at the same time, if they should be ring in sequence, or randomly. This will apply in the same way for those who are in your office or working from home.

If any of your agents needs to transfer calls, they can do it directly or by previously contacting their teammate before transferring the call. This function improves collaboration and can be done from any device connected to the cloud phone system.

Always know who is available to receive calls

The cloud phone platform will allow you to always see which of your teammates can or cannot receive calls. This helps you avoid unnecessary calls, or worse, transferring customers’ calls that won't be answered.

Call center agents presence

Talk to your coworkers when you need it

With Toky, you can make the internal calls required and talk to other agents without any restrictions. This will help you improve the connection of your teams by not having to think in costs each time they need to call a colleague.

Allow your remote workers to separate personal and work communications

In some cases, those who work from home end up sharing their personal phone numbers with their customers, generating a loss of privacy that can negatively impact the morale of your agents. With cloud phone systems, your customers always call the same business number and if they wish, they can contact your agents directly through their extension number or even using a call link you can send by email to allow your customers to make free calls from any Internet browser. Even if the agent is disconnected from the platform, you can configure the system to forward calls to the landline or mobile number they want, maintaining communication, without having to share private numbers.

Cloud telephony does not rely on fixed devices to make and receive calls. With an internet connection, you can use your browser or apps installed in desktop computers or mobile devices.

Access to international calls without using your personal phones

Your agents will be able to make calls to clients around the world from their home or workplace, using your telephony platform in the cloud. If you have numbers enabled, you will be able to send and receive text messages.

Call monitoring to improve service quality and support your work team

With call monitoring, you will be able to hear live calls between your agents and clients, to evaluate service quality, and to support the agent privately with comments that the customer will not hear. This functionality will allow supporting agents who are dealing with complicated situations, regardless of whether they are in the office or at home.

Cloud telephony will help your customers to see your company as a consolidated and connected entity, and not as people working in an uncoordinated way. Receive calls, transfer to whoever you need to, or talk to your co-workers as if you were sharing the same space.

In addition to these features, Toky has even more tools to improve communication with your customers. Take advantage of integrations with your CRM, WhatsApp Business and much more. Try Toky for free!

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