Is your website speed good enough to sell around the world?

On the Internet, your website speed is vital for any sales process. Imagine that you arrive at a store, and the seller takes too long to get to the front desk to assist you; if it does not arrive fast you will leave, and the worst thing is that you won't recommend anyone to visit that business. Something similar happens when your business website takes too long to load.

Maybe you have heard about the 7 seconds loading time, mentioned a few years ago, but now some studies indicate that if your site does not load visibly in 3 seconds or less, you will lose around 40% of your visitors.

Now, it is essential to keep in mind that many visitors will come to your site using a mobile device; and if the speed of download in mobile networks can be up to less than 50% of that of a fixed connection, the optimization of your site becomes more important.

Since March 2018, Google announced its "Mobile-first indexing." It means that Google will index the sites and assign them their ranking based first on their mobile version, so if your site is not mobile optimized and it is also very slow, you may be a long way from the desired first page.

At Toky, we have customers in many countries of the world and in addition to having servers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, to ensure excellent call quality, we are continually checking the loading speed of our sites to avoid losing potential customers. Toky doesn't require much data consumption because our virtual phone service uses VoIP technology based on WebRTC, but a good quality of the Internet improves our service and reduces problems for our customers. I want to share some tools that you can use to check if your site speed is good to sell in your country or in any country in the world where you want to offer your products or services.

According to measurements made in 200 countries, the increase in internet speeds has been 23% from May 2017 to May 2018 with an average of 9.1 Mbps download, however, although there are countries such as Singapore with 60 Mbps , more than 50% of countries have an average of less than 5 Mbps. Source

Google basic tools to validate the speed of your website

First, it is good that you verify the loading speed of your siteto the eyes of Google, to solve problems that may be affecting the ranking of your website on the search engine; to check possible problems impacting your SEO negatively, you can use the following tools:

  • Google Pagespeed Insights: This tool will evaluate the content of your website and give you some recommendations to improve your speed both desktop and mobile.
  • Mobile-Friendly Test: This tool will allow you to validate if your website can be viewed properly from mobile devices and will make suggestions to correct problems.
  • Google Lighthouse Chrome Extension: It is an extension of Google Chrome that performs different tests on your website using the powerful Chrome debugger. You can also find this tool by opening the developer tools in Chrome with Ctrl + Shift + J for Windows orCtrl Option + J for Mac and execute the option Audit.
Google Chrome Audits

Validate the loading speed from different countries of the world

After validating your site performance and loading speed, it is critical to check that your website speed is appropriate in the countries where you expect to have customers. Remember that not all countries have the same internet speeds and that mobile networks are on average 50% slower than fixed networks. To validate the speed with which users from certain countries or regions of the world visit your site, you can use the following tools:

  • Google Analytics: You can check the speed reports that you will find in the section of Behavior> Speed of the site. There you can see the report of Page Times and validate by country.

  • GTMetrix: After creating a free account, you can enter your site and choose different locations and internet speeds and run the analysis, where in addition to making a rating on your site, you can receive suggestions for improvement. GTMetrix will also allow frequent monitoring of the speed of your site to detect possible problems generated by updates in your pages.

GTMetrix site speed
  • Uptrends Website speed test: This tool will also allow you to select other locations, devices and internet speed to perform the tests.
GTMetrix site speed
  • Webpage test: This service has other locations to test loading speed and more options. Perhaps the design of the page does not look so nice, but the results of the speed tests are very complete.

I recommend you validate the speed from the different tools and configurations, placing particular importance in the countries and regions of the world where you expect to have more customers. If you analyze the results and follow the advice properly with your development team, you will see significant improvements in your ranking and possibly increase your sales.

With Toky, you can create your call center in minutes and serve customers around the world, knowing that we always ensure the quality of your calls. Start your free trial!

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