Making your company remote friendly

The evolution of work environments has forced many companies to transform themselves, and learn to continue operating with many of their teams working from home. Those who already had cloud services perhaps had an easier transition, but those who based their business processes, communications and others on internal platforms, had to begin a painful migration to the virtuality of their operations.

Beyond that, the forced technological transformation impacted not only companies, but also employees who had to adapt their homes as work spaces and adjust their daily routine to comply with their work and personal activities. We want to share some important elements that you can take into account to make your company more friendly for remote work, which not only benefits productivity, but also improves the work environment.

Tips for companies using work from home

  • Establish appropriate hours and promote compliance: Working from home is not the same as working from an office; The company must take into account that a personal and family routine can be mixed so that the hours for those who work from home must coincide with those who are in the office, and the entire work team must emphasize their compliance, especially in lunch hours or breaks that can be scheduled.

  • Increase communication routines: It's important to encourage work teams to learn to communicate constantly using the necessary means. This virtual communication either by calls or chat should be more frequent than if they were in the office, and ideally in a timely manner. Confusion can occur in teams that have problems fulfilling their goals due to lack of communication.

  • Offer tools that work the same at home or in the office: Whether people work in the office, at home, or in a hybrid way, the tools should be the same to avoid confusion and make the execution of work activities transparent, regardless of location. \

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  • Focusing on results and not on hours worked: Each person must know what activities they should carry out, and goals should be set so as not to measure performance in hours worked, but in commitments fulfilled. Doing this makes it easier for those working from home to set priorities and better manage their time.

  • Define workflows for requesting leave, vacations or sickness reports: Those who are from home must have defined the way in which they can report situations in which they must disconnect, whether for any reason.

  • Separate personal phone from work: Those at home should not be using their home phone for work; It is important to rely on cloud phone platforms such as Toky, which can help you so that incoming and outgoing calls are handled as if the employee were in the office, allowing to receive calls from clients or collaborators from their computer or mobile phone with an app.

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