Why you should check missed calls in your call center

Missed calls are an almost inevitable situation in any call center, as customers can hang up a call before being answered for different reasons. Beyond just evaluating the number of missed calls, it is essential to analyze other aspects such as the time of the calls, their source, and whether the callers leave a voicemail or not. Analyzing the context of your missed calls will help you define a better strategy to reduce them. Most unanswered calls end up being lost sales or disappointed customers.

Here are some causes for missed calls and viable strategies you can execute to reduce them.

How to reduce missed calls after business hours

It is common for customers to call your business outside of your office hours, or even on weekends and holidays. In these cases, you can take the following actions:

  • Setup audio greetings on your IVR to inform callers that you are out of business hours, and give them the option to leave a voicemail, or some way to contact you differently.
  • Many calls outside working hours could be a sign that you should extend your business hours, but you should check if you have more missed calls early in the morning or late after office hours; this can tell you if you should start your work earlier or extend it until later in the day.
  • If you can't extend your work schedule with local staff, you can get remote teams in different time zones, to be able to handle calls on an extended schedule. You can create virtual call centers easily, using cloud telephony.
  • Maybe the source of your calls is a digital marketing campaign, such as Google Ads where you can create Call only Ads or use call extensions which can be generating calls in the wrong time, in this case, you can analyze if you should pause ads in non-working hours.
  • You can also enable call forwarding for some agents to answer calls outside office hours. In some cases, you can setup dedicated phone numbers for VIP customers.

How to reduce missed calls during business hours

If you see missed calls at times when you have active agents, you can do the following:

  • You may need to increase the number of lines and agents available to answer calls. It is critical to analyze the sales seasons or your business growth rate because your customers may be hanging up their calls because they receive a busy tone or they wait too long before an agent answers.
  • You can activate a call queue if your phone platform allows it, it will serve as a waiting room where customers can wait until your agents are available.
  • If you consider you have enough active staff, check if your agents' groups and phone numbers are appropriately assigned, since a lousy assignment may be causing inbound calls to not reach all the agents available.
  • If you have a call queue activated, you may need to check its parameters. The waiting time for your customers may be short and they may be sent to voicemail prematurely, or the phone system can hang up on them.
  • The ringing time before going to the call queue can be very long, so customers can hang up when not being served. Adequate ringing time and proper greeting audios can help reduce missed calls.
  • Check if every step of your IVR has configured audios; that is to say that you have the appropriate greetings for the welcome, call waiting, voicemail, and non-working hours. A caller could believe that the call dropped and make them hang up if faced with extended periods of silence.
  • Analyze the average call times of your agents and review those conversations that take above average. Using call recordings, you can find the reasons that make those calls longer than necessary and allow some agents to answer fewer calls during the day. Adequate training is essential to your agents maintaining a balance between kindness and effectiveness to improve productivity and reduce waiting times for your customers.

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Quick tips for handling missed calls

While these suggestions can help you reduce missed calls, they will not always eliminate them from your process; given this, you can take into account the following recommendations:

  • Return missed calls logged into your phone system.
  • Check the voicemails customers left, before returning the call; this will help you provide an adequate response and a better service.
  • Check how many missed calls your customers left, this may indicate their urgency and possibly their mood when you call back.
  • Check your CRM or help desk system to see if the customer has pending cases and prepare an appropriate response.

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