Receive calls from your customers inside Intercom Messenger

If you use Intercom like us, you know that it is a powerful solution for sales and customer service; it's easy to use, and its tools for team collaboration allow turning visitors into customers or give customer support efficiently.

Sometimes it can be complicated to express ideas through text, and we all have had the case of customers with whom we spend several minutes reading and writing, trying to reach a solution or convincing a lead that our product is what his business needs. At this point, a call can be a quick and simple solution that will save everyone time, and can even avoid the risk of losing a customer due to problems of writing.

Imagine that a customer comes to your pricing page, and you start explaining the benefits of your product; At a precise moment, you notice that a critical doubt arises, the conversation gets stuck, or maybe the texts are not enough to speed up the communication. At this point, you click on the Toky Instant Call button and invite the customer to call you.

How to make voice calls from Intercom Messenger?

Intercom communication is mostly based on chats or emails, but with Toky Instant Call you can invite your customer to call you directly, for free, without sign-ups or additional software installation. When you need it, click on the Toky icon to send a Toky Instant Call card.

Add Toky instant call in Intercom

The customer will receive a card with your photo, name and a button to start the call. When he clicks, a new call will ring to you directly using Toky's virtual phone system, and you’ll be able to answer in any of the Toky apps

Add Toky instant call in Intercom

You can learn how to enable Instant Call integration, in this article

This new integration of Toky with Intercom Messenger, complements the main Intercom integration, which allows to automatically register calls, text messages and voicemails, in addition to calling to your customers with a click without leaving the tool.

Do you use Intercom and want to try this integration? Try Toky for free

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