Start receiving phone calls from your social media profiles

Social networks are a powerful tool to connect your business with your customers, this connection can be used for much more than posting news and promotions, but to actually get new sales.

Virtual telephony allows your customers to call you from any device using VoIP technology and platforms like Toky offer call links that you can share in emails and social networks so that your followers can call your call center with a few clicks and without any trouble. Cost.

Although almost all social networks in their business profiles allow you to add the telephone numbers of your business, if you have an international reach, unless you have telephone numbers in each country, it is very difficult for you to receive calls. Posting a call link will improve the likelihood that your customers will contact your call center.

In Toky you can get a call link for your business by taking it from the company profile.

Toky call link

This profile allows you to publish a Toky page with your logo, main links and general information. Now your customers will be able to call your call center for free with one click.

Toky call link call from social media

This link can be shared on your social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to generate new business call opportunities and allow your customers to use these links as a new contact channel.

In addition to these features, Toky has even more tools to improve communication with your customers. Take advantage of integrations with your CRM, WhatsApp Business and much more. Try Toky for free!

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