Use a virtual phone system to boost your outbound call center

Call center businesses focused on outgoing calls are widely used for telephone sales, or telemarketing, as well as for collection or financial companies. In these call centers, a certain number of calls must be made in the shortest possible time, as the number of customers to call is quite a lot.

In these call centers, virtual telephony is a very useful tool since cloud platforms such as Toky will permit you the following benefits:

  • Use power dialer campaigns so that your agents increase their productivity by calling more clients in less time. After registering a list of numbers to contact, Toky will start dialing each number by agent, avoiding typing errors and speeding up the process.
  • In case an agent is sent to voicemail on a call, they can use a voicemail drop feature so that Toky leaves an audio for them while they continue with the next call.
  • Add notes and tags to calls to make it easier to search, classify and measure the success of your campaigns. Identify customers to whom you should make follow-up calls, or who raised an objection in the sale.
  • Virtual phone systems allow you to buy numbers in different countries and cities so that your agents select the number from which they want the calls to go out. When a telephone number with a local area code is used for a customer's location, the probability that the call will be answered is increased.
  • Call center coordinators can use call monitoring to validate the quality of agents' calls, or use the whisper option to participate in an ongoing call and support the agent without the customer listening. This tool, in addition to improving call control, also serves to improve the sales opportunity.

In addition to these features, the virtual phone system is easily integrated with your CRM software and business processes for outbound call centers.

Toky helps thousands of companies maintain efficient communication with their customers, by seamlessly connecting them with remote teams in different locations through features designed to improve their business processes. Try Toky for free!

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