How to increase sales using live chat and live calls in your contact center

Everything starts with a potential customer entering your website and he has a doubt or he needs to know something about your product or service; How can he tell you about it?. If he is like 64% of people, he will expect to find contact information on your website, so you should never forget to publish addresses, phone numbers and emails; but sometimes a visitor needs immediate responses, so you must not allow him to leave your website to get an answer, and you must ensure a quick response to any of his questions so you can maybe not lose important sales opportunities. Any contact intention shows an interest in your product or service so it should be handled almost instantly if you want to increase sales.

How to provide instant contact from your website easier?

There are several options you can offer to your visitors in order to provide a good communication channel from your website; it is important to have them since you can not miss a visitor who most likely came to your website interested in your products and services and have doubts to make a purchase decision.

The contact form is one of the first choices and maybe one of the most used communication resource, as well as email and phone numbers; but this channels are enough for visitors that are not in a hurry and who can maybe wait for an answer. Today is very important to provide instant contact to customers because they are needing quick answers, chat is another common resource and a good live chat service can be implemented easily and you can use free tools like or paid alternatives like Intercom. A chat service allows your visitors to start a conversation with any of your team members who can provide a very good customer service and even close some deals and convert those visitors into customers or leads at least.

Live chat provides instant contact to customers, but there are some of them who will rather talk than write to your agents because there are questions which can be explained more efficiently talking than writing; in these moments a live call alternative is a good choice and even could be more effective in many cases and convert better.

At Toky, we use live chat and live calls together using our Click to call widget with very good results in sales. There are visitors who prefer to write and who even send us large paragraphs to explain their doubts or their cases; but there are also many occasions when a client starts a conversation by chat and ends it by a voice call because it gets a more efficient communication, besides, customers perceive a live call as something more personalized and direct. And we are not counting those who do not initiate the chat but call us directly.

75% of consumers say that a call is the best way to get a quick response. - New Voice Media

Combining a live chat with a live call option you get the following benefits:

  • You offer your visitors more alternatives to contact you without leaving your website.
  • You cover visitors preferences in the ways of contact you as they can use the channel which makes them feel more comfortable or needs most.
  • Facilitate the conversation between agents of your call center and your customers.
  • A customer in a chat can use a live call if they need a more effective response to their needs.

If you want to be contacted you have to provide practical channels available and both the live chat or a live call will always be a click away.

Are you interested in trying a live chat and live call combination? Try our Live Call widget? get more than a click to call on your website.

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