Use Toky and Intercom integration to boost your call center

Intercom is an instant messaging platform focused on connecting customers with your business. It goes further and integrates features such as automatic messages to visitors based on rules, leads qualification, knowledge base and other great features that differentiate it from the typical service of live chat for websites.

Intercom is a text-based communication mostly through chat; but when you enable an integration with your call center, besides expanding the possibilities of your marketing and customer service teams, you will offer your customers and leads, new alternatives get contact with your business. With Toky, you can use Intercom conversations and tools with your virtual telephony as a single tool.

Integrating Intercom with your call center

You can enable the integration between Toky and Intercom easily from your dashboard.
Intercom integration with Toky

You must have an active account on Intercom and Toky in order to enable the integration.

After enabling the integration you can use Intercom and Toky as a single tool from which you can make calls with a single click.

How to make calls with Toky inside Intercom

You can make the calls by clicking on the Toky icon next to each contact.
Toky intercom dialer In addition to this, you can call from the main panel by opening the dialpad with a click on the Toky icon.
Toky click to call You can also call from the contact profiles with a single click next to the phone number or by using the Toky button at the top.
Toky Intercom Click to call from profiles

More benefits of integration

The Intercom integration with Toky will also allow the registration of inbound, outbound, missed calls, voice mail, and other details so you can not only have all the information of your clients inside Intercom, but also a way to analyze the performance of agents.
Toky Intercom call log Intercom contacts are also synchronized with Toky so you always know who is calling you.

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