How to use WhatsApp Business and CRM to boost your sales process

WhatsApp Business is a powerful communication tool that has become crucial for companies wanting to reach their customers immediately and directly. But the WhatsApp Business app is a limited resource for small companies, as it only permits a single user, who is basically monitoring a smartphone. Every customer request is usually assigned to another person who will contact these customers directly by phone, email or other communication channels.

The best way to improve your sales process with WhatsApp Business and get its full potential is by using a service such as Toky, where you can make your team work in a more efficient way. You can allow several agents to chat simultaneously with customers using the same phone number, integrating it with your CRM and business applications, streamlining your processes, centralizing information.

Using WhatsApp Business from a web application

With Toky, all agents will be able to reply to WhatsApp conversations from the same application through which they make phone calls and send SMS messages. They'll be able to not only attend several customers at the same time, but also use different phone numbers as required. This adds collaboration, reduces customers’ waiting times and improves your service indicators.

WhatsApp Business desde la web online

Using WhatsApp Business from your mobile phone with Toky Chats

Toky Chats is our app for Android mobile devices which you can use to reply to conversations anywhere. Unlike the WhatsApp Business application, Toky Chats will allow you to attend multiple conversations and from different numbers, collaborate with your colleagues, and all without sharing your personal phone number to continue the conversation with customers.

Toky chats WhatsApp Business API

Integrating WhatsApp with your CRM and business applications

Toky currently allows integration with CRM such as Salesforce and Hubspot CRM where all the WhatsApp conversations can be automatically synchronized as tasks or notes in your software, this will help you to have a consolidated view of the contact you have with your customers.

WhatsApp Salesforce Hubspot CRM integration

You can also take advantage of the integration with Slack to oversee the conversations in your preferred channel, and with one click, go to Toky to easily respond, thus reducing the wait times of your customers and improving the chances of obtaining a sale.

In just a few weeks you can have your WhatsApp Business account with Toky, and start reaching millions of potential customers who use this messaging tool on a daily basis. Try Toky for free!

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