How to use your current business phone number in a cloud call center software

You may think that in order to use a cloud telephony solution, you must change your current business phone number; but the truth is that this is not always the case. At Toky, we detect this fear in many of our clients since their business telephone number is part of their identity, and they already have it published on websites, telephone directories and even in printed media such as notices, cards and flyers. There is an option called portability and that basically allows you to disconnect a phone number from your current telephony provider and reconnect it with a virtual telephony platform like Toky.

What is required to port a business number to your virtual phone system

First of all, you must have defined which provider you want to port your business number to and send your phone number, the city and country to which it belongs, and the phone provider you currently have. Your supplier must carry out a process validation process and will ask you for any additional documentation or steps in case it is required since this depends a lot on the local regulations of each country. Generally, they can request a signed letter that must be sent to your current provider requesting the portability of the phone number. Generally, this process can be done very easily and depending on your country it can take from a few days to a couple of weeks. In very few cases, this portability cannot be done, but there are generally regulations that require providers to facilitate the processes of phone number portability.

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Benefits of using your current business phone as a virtual phone number

When you connect your business phone with a virtual platform such as Toky, you will be able to update this communication channel since with your same number you will be able to access features of a call center such as:

  • You can convert your current business number into a call center in no time and increase your customer service capacity.
  • Answer calls from several clients simultaneously.
  • Use call queues to have customers waiting while you can answer them.
  • IVR so that your clients can be directed more efficiently to the agents who can best serve them.
  • Call forwarding so that you can attend business calls from other landlines or mobile numbers without having to share your personal phone with your clients.
  • Ease of answering calls without depending on a telephone since you can use mobile or desktop applications to answer from your computer or mobile device connected to the internet.

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