What makes a great call center leader

The call center team has the responsibility of being your clients' first point of contact with your company. They must act in an organized and coordinated manner, and simultaneously have a positive and constructive attitude that reflects the values ​​of your company and makes your customers have the best experience. This is not an easy task, and goes much further than just answering calls or chats and solving problems, even with annoyed customers; it requires the whole team to be a team, and as such, a good work team requires leadership.

What does a call center leader do

A call center leader has the responsibility of attending to the needs of his team of agents, guaranteeing that the team meets the guidelines and expectations of the company and must also be the point of contact to which customers can escalate complaints and suggestions about the performance of the customer service team. In addition to this, they must have excellent communication and conflict resolution skills.

Skills of a good call center leader

A good call center leader must have certain skills to be able to fulfill their responsibilities and also help the team in charge to have a good level of productivity and attitude to offer excellent quality customer service.

  • Communication skills: It is vital that a call center leader knows how to adequately transmit instructions and goals to his work team, as well as being able to speak with clients in a controlled and friendly manner, prioritizing assertiveness and respect for clients and coworkers.
  • Knowledge of call center software: A call center supports its operations in different software such as a virtual phone system, CRM, ticket system and other business tools. It is important for a leader to learn to handle all applications correctly both for his own use and to support agents in their daily work. Virtual telephony solutions such as Toky offer tools such as call monitoring and reports that make it easy for call center leaders to actively participate in the calls of their agents.
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving: Call center agents will be constantly facing not only problems and conflicts with customers, but with other co-workers. A good leader must be prepared to help his team resolve their problems and differences in a constructive way that not only helps to maintain an adequate work environment, but also does not negatively impact the productivity of the call center team.
  • *Motivation: *Work in a call center can be routine and repetitive, and it's very common for the good attitude and energy of your collaborators to deteriorate over time. Preventing this from happening requires a good leader to detect these changes in the mood and attitude of the agents, and do something about them.
  • Organization: There are many activities that both the leader and his collaborators must execute, so it is important that you have a solid work strategy that you can transmit to your work team to maintain a good level of productivity, avoiding confusion with the objectives to be achieved .
  • Personnel management: The leader of a call center is responsible for the performance of his work team, so he must be prepared to adequately train new staff, motivate and direct the work team in the achievement of goals, and call to attention when a member of the team needs to improve something.
  • Patience and resilience: Working in a call center presents different challenges on a daily basis, and it is important to be patient in order to adequately support your work team in the execution of their tasks, and resolve conflicts with clients or collaborators in a constructive way. Resilience is also important, since a good leader must learn to see the positive aspects of mistakes and failures of his own and of his team; things will not always turn out as expected, and it is critical to know how to turn these problems into lessons learned.

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