Why coworking spaces must use a virtual phone system

Coworkings offers spaces for many entrepreneurs to start their businesses or also for remote workers to have a suitable place to develop their activities. This type of business can take advantage of the virtual phone system offered by Toky in different ways to improve their sales and retain customers:

  • If the coworking has several locations, you can easily buy a virtual phone number for each one or simplify the contacts with a single number that connects each location using the IVR.
  • You can purchase additional phone numbers that you can assign to coworking businesses and include them as part of the service.
  • You can run SMS marketing campaigns to offer promotions and send news to coworking members such as event invitations or payment reminders.
  • WhatsApp Business allows us to offer a channel of contact that is very appropriate to the needs of coworking clients to carry out consultation processes and reservation of resources such as meeting rooms and other spaces.
  • The virtual phone system integrations with CRMs will help streamline marketing and customer service processes by reducing manual information entry.
  • When mass and personalized communication with clients is required, the power dialer can be used to call each client and make use of voicemail drop feature to leave audios in voice mails when required.
  • On the coworking website you can put a live calls button so that clients or prospects can speak with the customer service team directly from the web, improving the agility and quality of the service.

In general, virtual telephony offers coworking businesses a host of features that can enhance communication with their customers and offer the flexibility to tailor it to business needs.

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